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US practices state terrorism

World renowned polymath Professor Noam Chomsky has condemned the United States’ use of assassination drones in foreign countries, saying that the attacks amount to state terrorism.

According to Chomsky, the administration of US President Barack Obama has been worse than the previous US government in its increasing use of “targeted assassinations” in other countries.

“There were things going on before, under the last president, but the Obama administration has extended earlier procedures to a global assassination campaign directed at people suspected of encouraging others to carry out what the US calls terrorist acts. What are called ‘terrorist acts’ also raises rather serious questions — and that’s an understatement,” he said.

International criticism is growing as the US is currently using unmanned assassination drones in nations such as Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Washington claims that its drones are targeting militants, while civilians have been the main victims on the ground.

Rights activists condemn the drone strikes in Pakistan as extra-judicial assassinations against civilians, deemed anti-American by US authorities.



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