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Gaddafi’s last wish was to avenge his death

Analysts’ predictions about a possible revival of Libyan terrorism in the event of Muammar Gaddafi’s removal from office and subsequent death are beginning to come to fruition. According to the former Secretary General of the Arab Labour Organisation (ALO), Ibrahim Quieder, six months before the fall of Tripoli, the former Libyan leader had allocated $28 million for “retaliation” in the event of his death.

“Gaddafi continues to have many supporters both in Libya and other Arab countries”, ALO spokesman, Amin Faris, commented on the former secretary general’s statement to Izvestia. “Mr. Quieder’s words should be taken seriously: he knows Tripoli well.”

During Gaddafi’s rule, as the head of one of the largest trade union networks in the Arab world, Ibrahim Quieder had often visited Libya where, not without success and with the blessing of the former leadership, he tried to establish an ALO network in the country.

An indirect confirmation of the seriousness of the Egyptian trade unionist’s statements is the fact that, following these claims, Quieder had gone underground, refusing to make any contact with the press.

The amount, allegedly paid by Gaddafi for avenging his death is somewhat strange. Organisation of a comprehensive terrorist campaign is not cheap, and $28 million is clearly not enough. However, say analysts, it is necessary to consider the unique aspects of the Middle East.

“Life among fanatics in the Arab world is inexpensive,” member of the Foreign and Defence Policy Council, former KGB General, Vladimir Rubanov, told Izvestia. “Moreover, it is possible to find volunteers, ready to act free of charge. Suicide bombers are more concerned about their family being compensated in the event of their death.”

The “low-cost” version of a terrorist campaign could, according to the expert, be a series of assassinations of local officials and law enforcement agents, poisoning of wells and other sources of fresh water, as well as other acts, the cost of which is incomparably smaller than the effect.

Clearly, however, in this case, Muammar Gaddafi’s post-mortem revenge will be limited to Libya, or in the extreme case scenario – neighboring states. President of the Anti-Terrorism Training Association, Josef Linder, doubts that $28 million was the complete amount, allocated by the former Libyan leader for the revival of terrorism.

“Everything depends on whether or not Libya will face a civil war,” Linder told Izvestia. “If the inter-clan conflict enters the violent stage, there will be a lot more money, as well as people, willing to finance all of this.”

Recall that Muammar Gaddafi’s personal assets, which he removed from Tripoli, are estimated at $10 billion. The whereabouts of this money remains unknown. Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, who publically swore to avenge his father’s death, is alive and well. In addition to money, the former Libyan leader’s son most likely has connections, which he made in his years of serving one of Libya’s most influential intelligence agencies – the Mukhabarat. If Muammar Gaddafi did indeed issue an order for “post-mortem revenge”, then his supporters have all the necessary tools to make it a reality.


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