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If You Lose Haya, (Shyness) You Lose Iman! (Faith)

In the modern society or so-called advanced and civilised society which has no moral values, man has dropped the idea of sin from their lives. They have attributed a new name to sin “the necessity of life”. For them, fornication is not a sin, but an act for physical necessity of life. Like wise, gambling, prostitution, strip, nude and gay clubs, drinking and taking drugs(narcotics), mingling with the opposite and same sex are not sins anymore, but these are the products of the modern world.

Islam is a Deen ( a way of life and also a religion). That is why it gives us lessons to maintain Haya and Sharam all the time and everywhere, whether we are among the people or alone.

In Islamic terms, Haya implies the shyness a wrong-doer feels in his own nature and before Allah. This shyness is the force which prevents man from indulging in indecency and obscenity. There is a Hadith, which says, “Every religion has a morality and the morality of Islam is Haya”. The Prophet said, “Haya is the vital part of Islam”. The Quran mentions it as the highest quality of a Muslim.

The Quran refers to the people who get themselves deprived of this instinct (Haya) as “Deaf, Dumb and Blind, they will not return (to the right path)”.(2:18). The concept of Haya is vast, but these illustrations may help us to understand the sources of corruptions in our lives.

Thus enjoying the beauty of the other woman with the eyes, relishing the sweetness of her voice with the ears, drawing pleasure of the tongue by conversing with her, all are not just the preliminaries of adultery, but adultery themselves.

The Evil Look: The evil look is the worst culprit in this regard. The Quran says, “O Prophet, tell the believing men to refrain their eyes (from looking at the other women) and guard their shameful parts; to lower their gaze”.

Urge for Display: The feminine urge for the display of beauty is another evil which is linked up with the evil look. This urge is not always prominent, it is generally hidden in the depths of the heart. It often finds expression in the selection of pleasing and bright clothes or fancy hair-dos. “All beautification and make-up which is meant to please and entertain other than the husband is sheer ignorance. This tendency, springs from the woman’s own heart. She herself can only search her heart to detect any hidden evil desire. If it is there, it has to be eradicated according to the following Divine Commandment,” and remain in your houses, and do not go about displaying your fineries as a woman used to do in the days of ignorance.” (33:33).

The Voice: The voice is another agent of the evil spirit. A man and a woman may apparently be absorbed in innocent talk, but the hidden motive of the heart is at work. The Quran detects this hidden motive and ordains “if you are God-fearing, do not talk in a soft voice, lest the man of the unhealthy heart should cherish false hopes from you”. To satisfy the same urge, lyrical poetry and romantic songs are written which take people’s fancy and spreads in the society like wild fire.

The Sound: Women should not stamp the ground in walking, so as to reveal their decoration (by their jingle) (24:31).

The Perfume: The perfume also acts as a messenger between two evil spirits. This is the finest and most subtle means of communication which may be trivial in the eyes of others, but the Islamic Haya is too sensitive to let it slip undetected. The woman should not use the perfume and walk through people as it attracts undue attention.

Nudity: Islam hates nudity. The men and women of the most civilized nations in the world today do not feel any hesitation to uncover any part of their body. For all these people, the dress is a means of decoration. In Islam, nudity is an indecency which can never be tolerated by the Islamic Haya. The Holy Prophet said, “beware, never be naked for you are being attended by the angels who never leave you except at the time when you have attend the call of nature or when you go to your wives. Therefore you should feel ashamed of them and have regard for them”. (Al Tirmidhi).

By Muhammad Lawal

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2 replies on “If You Lose Haya, (Shyness) You Lose Iman! (Faith)”

Honestly and sincere speaking the world is coming to an end because sin and bad deed are now the clothing in which majority of poeple wore everyday so they find it difficult to restrict themselves thinking it is the modern era that brought about the change, which is not lack of Haya can lead to total aborlishement of faith, because a true muslim sister will never allow her beauty take control of her but rather she takes control over it. So that is what majority of women lacks today, and for the men they says they have been doing good so it is now a new system to mix sin with good work in orther to enjoy the earth as well, which is total nonsense and self distruction. So may Allah (SWT) guide us in his right path

As far as I’m concerned the world has already come to an end. We are living our hell right now. Everyday something worse happens than the previous day and you are shocked all over again.

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