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‘A love letter from a Muslim man’

A love letter from a muslim man:

Dear wife-to-be (inshaAllah), If you love me, don’t confess your love through haraam ways, that won’t please me and will drive me away instead.

If you love me, have Sabr and i will knock on your door when the time is right. Don’t give me privileges which I don’t deserve. Keep me away from you and I will approach you. Preserve what is beautiful inside you. I want you innocent, chaste and pure.

Yes! I want you my love but with Allah’s blessings and not shaytan’s whispering. I want you as my wife, the mother of my children and the only one i will spend my whole life with to make you mine through nikah (marriage) in Islam’s way.

Till then, wait patiently and do not dismay for loving you is to protect you, to bring you closer to Allah and His deen.

Your husband-to-be (InshaAllah).

Via Abdallah Muazu on Facebook.


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