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I AM MUSLIM ♥ ♥ ♥ (poem)

Say: “I am Muslim and proud.”

Say it strongly, say it aloud….

Say: “Islam is my Religion, my Prophet is Muhammad in high sound..”

Islam is the Light , the only Truth on the ground….

Islam is Reality , Love that I found….

I found morality, I found Hijab which I wear and shroud….

Hijab is a modesty makes me as a queen who is crowned….

I found rules , high principles with which I am pound….

Islam is the Light,…

Shines the World , shines the darkness of the Night….

Islam is the Sun that rises in a beautiful sight….

Makes our life happy , straight and right….

Islam is a Mercy , Peace, and not fight….

Islam is the Truth that always and for ever bright….

Wake up Muslims , work hard and do unite….

Say: “I am Muslim , Islam is the Height.”

I am Muslim, and I am PROUD!


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