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Codeine Side Effects, Overuse (abuse)

Codeine side effects cause damage through habitual, progressive drug intake

In addition to aggravated Codeine side effects (listed below), other indicators of Codeine overuse involve:

Loss of pleasure in favorite activities and hobbies.

Lack of will in doing simple things in life.

Indifference toward family, events, or loved ones

Decreased interest in sex and affection

Loss of professional or personal drive

Unawareness of how behavior and emotions distress othersAdditional signs of clinical depression, including:

Anger, emptiness, irritability, sadness, or self-criticism

Loss of appetite

Fitful sleep

Lack of sexual drive

Increased erectile dysfunction

Most people contact us because of the damaging side effects from progressive and habitual intake of pain-relief medicine, like Codeine.

Codeine Side Effects

Common adverse Codeine side effects include:


Dizziness (orthostatic hypotension)


Dry mouth

Erectile dysfunction



Sleeplessness (insomnia)

Itching, rash

Lack of sexual drive

Nausea, vomiting

Pinpoint pupils (miosis)


Urinary retention

Seek urgent medical attention in the event of:

Anxiety or nervousness

Convulsion, seizures

Confusion, hallucination

Depressed mental state

Mood changes

Difficulty breathing

Difficulty urinating



Severe rash

Severe allergic reactions

Severe or persistent stomach pain

Slow or shallow breathing

Slow or shallow heartbeat

Fast or irregular heartbeat

Swelling of the face

Swelling of the lips

Swelling of the mouth

Swelling of the tongue

Tightness in the chest

Yellowing of eyes or skin

Tightness in the chest


Histamine reactions do not decrease over time as much as do direct narcotic effects. (i)

Other serious health concerns:

Intravenous injection proves particularly dangerous due to the potential for lethal respiratory failure.

At high doses. tablets that combine Codeine and paracetamol (acetaminophen) may cause liver damage.

Ibuprofen-codeine combinations may cause kidney failure and stomach pain or nausea.

Codeine when paired with aspirin can lead to internal gastrointestinal hemorrhaging. (ii)

Illicit morphine manufactured from Codeine by using pyridine may become toxic and carcinogenic. (iii)

The benefits of a medication usually outweigh the risk of unlikely Codeine side effects. You doctor considers this tradeoff when prescribing a drug. But, call your doctor immediately if any of these effects occur or  worsen. Also seek immediate medical attention in the event of an unlikely allergic reaction.​

Remember to monitor persistent side effects if dosage is prolonged or excessive. Learn the dangers of Codeine side effects and of a medical Codeine overdose. Different people react differently to various medications. If you experience other side effects not listed above, contact your pharmacist or doctor immediately.


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