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Top 10 Advantages of Riding a Bicycle +1 

If you are hesitant about embracing cycling (biking) as a mode of transport, then the following are 10+1 pertinent reasons you should set your doubts aside and start riding a bicycle.

1. It is an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Green environment, no carbon emission.

2. You save money on fuel (Gas, Petrol) by riding a bicycle. Good for civil servants.

3. A bicycle requires comparably less maintenance. E don be for mechanics, no engine oil.

4. Riding a bicycle is good for your health. You develop a strong heart and muscular limbs. Less spending on health.5. You can weave in and out of traffic. Even though cars no go plenty again.

6. Riding a bicycle is a quicker way of getting around the city. At #GEJ’s clueless checkpoints, you save time.

7. There are no parking problems. And you do not have to pay a toll for parking in special spots. No unnecessary spending.

8. Riding a bicycle to work everyday, you do not have to set aside time for exercise as this in itself is an exercise. Usually, Nigerians are lazy.

9. The slow pace of travel helps you be receptive of the sights around you, which you might in all probably have missed while riding an automobile.

10. At the end of the day, you feel much better – Physically and Mentally. Bus conductors no go shout for you again.

+1. Because you are a Nigerian, a civil servant and your salary is #18,000.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Advantages of Riding a Bicycle +1 

  1. Removal of Fuel Subsidy Sucks, thus subjecting Nigerians to Abject turture and surfering! Why should Nigerians be made to Pay with their Hard Earned Money for the Corrupt Practices of our Leaders?


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