If I were Goodluck

If I were Goodluck I would live my life with honesty and integrity.

I would ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’, to earn the right to have responsibility for Nigerians. I would know that the only way I would have self-restraint is by being able to differentiate between lying and telling the truth. I would always stand for what is right.

If I were Goodluck I would be enthusiastic about my work and cause.

I would be a person of passion and dedication, to be a source of inspiration and a motivator towards a better Nigeria. I would respect the freedom of the people and without reaching for extreme solutions I will make decisions on a positive ground. I would understand the problem of Nigerian and find empowering solutions that encourage independence.

If I were Goodluck I would be Confident.

I would inspire confidence in Nigerians, draw out the trust and best efforts of my cabinet. I would surround myself with strong men holding strong opinions. I would not fear the consequences of doing what is right, and I would find ways to get beyond my obstacles.

If I were Goodluck I would be Tolerant.

I would understand that crises and storms come and go, that they are part of the journey and I will remain calm, focused and make my decisions from a base of mature reflection.

If I were Goodluck I would be steadfast to my main purpose.

I would understand that during times of uncertainty the people will look to me for reassurance and security and I will make sure they  find that. I wouldn’t be the man that runs away when the going get’s tough.

If I were Goodluck I would commit myself to excellence.

I would know that second best does not lead to success, I would be proactive, maintain high standards, portray a positive demeanor and make sure my leadership not expediency.

Most importantly Nigeria would be my number one priority and I would never compromise her integrity

This is a message to Mr. President from the mind of an 18year old.


Originally posted on fedupnigerian.


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