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Jonathan disowned, attacked by his ‘Facebook Friends’

President Goodluck Jonathan has come under serious attack with many Nigerians taking to the president’s Facebook page to vent their anger against the removal of fuel subsidy by the government.

A checks on the president’s page showed that his New Year message, which was posted on the site, has attracted more 7000 comments, mostly criticising the government for ending the fuel subsidy regime. Some even went as far as calling the president in unprintable names.

In his post, Matthew Arikanki said “When Nigerians voted for President Goodluck Jonathan, they thought now they have their man at the seat of government, that he will take decisions that will alleviate the suffering of the masses. But we were wrong.”

Akanbi Kayode posted “God will punish u Jonathan as you are punishing more than 150 million people now. They are not blessing u they are cursing u. I hope ur mother and wife will be there to help u carry some of the curses on ur head because u will soon die of just only 1 curse out of 150 million curses attached on u????????? Bad luck indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A comparison by Mazi Obinna Akuwudike “Goodluck Jonathan would undoubtedly become the most unpopular president Nigeria has ever had. Sani Abacha would be prefered over you with the way you are going. At least during Abacha’s regime fuel was bought at 11 naira until Obasanjo your godfather as the rest of the corrupt cabal you belong to came in. who is fooling who Mr. President? who are you decieving? it is yourself you decieve.”

An angry youth, Yahaya Gumel said “Sir Remember that Nigerian VOTED you,why you turn your good policy of FRESH AIR to Bad Odours,Mr President We Like To know who is fully control of this country is OKONJO (IMF Agent) or Mr You.Sir all your policies of your transformation are rather an increament to those in corridor of power to steal.pls sir Enough is Enough”

Justice Emeka Obi said “Mr President is taking us to the biblical Golgotha- a place of misery, destitution and death. We must stop him now before we get there.”

Adebayo Ibikunle Farounbi said “Mr President Sir, laudable as your achievements in 2011 seems, your 1st step in 2012 has rubbished them.”

Shaman Felix Egi-Jesu said “Mr President, God pass you. I have been stuck in traffic at Lokoja for the past one hour. We truly love your fresh air”

Ms. Sadiya Sulaiman Musa was on point “I will say & I will not stop saying it. Gej I hate u , u re so wicked dat u want we masses to die in hardship. I didn’t vote 4 u, I voted 4 General Muhammadu Buhari.”

Adeolu Paul said “Can somebody tell me: is Jonathan a disgrace to the entire academic world or to his alma mata?”

Amaechi Anakpe said “Why not experiment with say 25% subsidy removal and show Nigerians the benefit thereof before a dive into abyss. I only pray the complexes that abound now do not consume our entity and cohesion.”

Keeping the faith

Some of the president’s friends however pleaded with Nigerians to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Okechukwu Dike said, “Nigerians should please give Goodluck a chance and let history be the judge. He is anxious to serve the nation well. Example is power, regular fuel, aviation and works. God bless us.”

Mike Omeri  said “If Okonjo-Iweala, Allison-Madueke and Aganga are World Bank/IMF agents and that is why they pushed for subsidy removal, I know for a fact that Lamido Sanusi is not and he was pushing for subsidy removal even before Iweala came on board. Oshiomhole, labour leader per excellence, (I’m not necessarily saying he’s a good governor) supports the subsidy removal and has said as much to his labour union colleagues. If Sanusi and Oshiomhole support the subsidy removal, there must be some sense in it. Let’s rally round the government to ensure the policy works for all of us.”


Put together by Muhammad Lawal @MuhdLawal on twitter.

Read it yourself


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