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Who is Sending the Guns to Nigeria?

By Osae Brown

As Nigerians were on the street protesting over fuel subsidy removal, a British based man was being arraigned in UK over the shipping of 80,000 rifles and pistols and 32 million rounds of ammunition to Nigeria. The shipment included 40,000 AK47 assault rifles, 30,000 rifles and 10,000 9mm pistols.

According to a report by the BBC, the man whose name is Gary Hyde, shipped these huge arm cache without receiving permission from the relevant government department in the UK.

Gary Hyde was not alone in this deal. It was carried out with his business partner Karl Kleber, a German national based in Germany, the court was told.

The pair acted as middle men between two Polish companies acting for the Nigerian buyers and Chinese companies, the court heard, according to the BBC report. Both men received commission payments for the deals totaling around $1.3m (£840,000) or N351 million.The story apparently left several questions unanswered. Who were the Nigerian buyers? Were these guns really delivered to Nigeria eventually?

It is also interesting that since this story broke out in the British media, the Nigerian government has not come out with any specific statement on it. Were these weapons imported by the Nigerian government? If they were not imported by the Nigerian government, have they made any efforts to trace the importers of these large numbers of weapons into the country? Thirty two million rounds of ammunition are enough to kill thirty two million Nigerians, assuming each bullet will kill a Nigerian? This may be an exaggeration, but there is no doubt that if there is this amount of guns and ammunition out there outside the control of the government, then every Nigerian has a serious course to be worried at this time.

The reputation of Gary Hyde, the man at the centre of the storm shows that Nigerians have to be concerned that he has set his eyes on supplying arms to the country. A report in February 2011, in The Observer in UK shows that Hyde is also facing charges in the US for smuggling arms into the country. The Observer describes him as “Britain’s very own lord of war; an international arms dealer, whose chief currency is the AK-47 assault rifle”

The Observer reports that US officials arrested Hyde in connection with the alleged illegal import into the US of almost 6,000 Chinese-produced AK-47 magazines, each capable of holding up to 75 rounds of ammunition.

The Observer also quotes a Wiki leaks release of confidential US embassy cables which shows that in 2008 York Guns, where Gary Hyde is a director, tried to ship 130,000 of the assault rifles to Libya. The WikiLeaks revelation shows that Gary Hyde through his company acted as an intermediary between an unidentified Ukrainian arms manufacturer and Libyan officials. “The size of the deal raised eyebrows in diplomatic circles, as Libya has only 70,000 ground-force troops and these would be unlikely to use a weapon as dated as the AK-47. The cable noted that the export licence was rejected because the “UK is concerned that the intention may be to re-export the weapons, particularly to armed rebel factions backed by Khartoum and/or Ndjamena in the Chad/Sudan conflict”.

Kleber, Gary Hyde’s German partner also has a reputation that does not sit well with the authorities. The Observer reports that “in 2008 the German federal police agency, the BKA, launched an investigation into Kleber to determine whether he had been involved in “the illegal sale of machine guns via Croatia to Iraq”. This was in response to allegations that companies linked to Hyde had sold tens of thousands of guns to Ziad Cattan, the former head of military procurement at the Iraq Defence Ministry, without an appropriate arms brokering licence. Cattan fled Iraq after a warrant was issued for his arrest amid allegations that he had siphoned off millions of dollars in corrupt deals.”
What emerges from these reports is that the two men now being named in connection with supply of arms to Nigeria should raise serious concerns in Nigeria. Have they supplied some other arms into the country, that the authorities are not aware?

The concern becomes even more real considering the fact that at the same time Gary Hyde was being arraigned in UK, the Ghanaian authorities intercepted a truck loaded with arms and ammunitions heading to Nigeria. The ammunitions included pump action rifles and live rounds. These arrests are coming at time the Boko Haram insurgence is getting worse in Northern Nigeria as bombs explode on almost on daily basis and masked men go on killing spree with sophisticated weapons. The activities of Boko Haram, the continuous crisis in Jos is no doubt raising serious concerns and fears of retaliation from other ethnic groups. Could this inflow of arms be linked to ethnic groups arming themselves? Are they arming themselves to defend themselves or to go on the offensive?

This is a critical period in Nigeria’s history and all people of goodwill must stand up and douse the rising intention. As I said in my earlier post, the Rwanda trip will be a dangerous place for Nigeria to go. The government must also act and act fast.

This is also the time the international community must come to the aid of Nigeria. It is clear that the Nigeria intelligence agencies do not have the capacity to deal with the emerging challenge. They must offer their help at this time. They cannot wait for a Rwandan type crisis to develop before they intervene. China, especially, should caution its business community. This is not the time to fuel the crisis in Nigeria for monetary gains. Nigeria is China’s biggest market in Africa. An unstable Nigeria will not be good for China’s long term economic interest.

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65 thoughts on “Who is Sending the Guns to Nigeria?

  1. Oh my God! This article is scary in its assessment. The worst part of it is that: its spot on.
    My sincere prayer is that we’re not headed into a civil war.
    May God help us all…

  2. I just checked all the characters involved in this story and the truth is if these arms have found their way/are heading on the road to Nigeria. Then ‘Nigeria is in trouble’!
    The relevant authorities better act fast before we actually get doomed to go the ‘Rwandan way’,(God forbid)!
    Great article as well,God bless the writer!

  3. i think nigerian government is not helping matters to tackle the current security challenge in the country. The government must respond to this report in order to findout who are behind this evil act if they really want to secure the country in the interest of its masses.

  4. Imagine,wee really r on our own no wonder GEJ tells us to police ourselvees.smh.May Allah help us bring all ds criminals to book-from d gun totin ones to the bomb throwing ones and most especially the pen wielding 1s fr they r d most dangerous.amen

  5. This is quite informative,All ds is as a result of the bad Govt,insecurity and corruptn which has eating deeply into the fabrics of our system.People have been pushed to d wall.imaging seeing your family/people dieing sorrow death bcos of Govt negligences.God divine intervention is what I pray for upon ds country.

  6. We’re in real trouble. Government has to wake up from her sleep and act as past and effective as possible. When there is war
    (God forbid), it won’t do good to any1. May Allah save us all.

  7. Things will keep worsening every second in Nigeria as long as we keep voting for incompetent and heartless leaders.

    From another view, this is one of the major signs just before the end of the world, we can neither avoid nor change the situations, only prayers could make the situations less effective.

  8. If the FG don’t want to talk abt this issue, I think its bcos they could b involvd in all of this. But the question is: who are going to be the victims? May God be with all the innocent souls and may He expose and punish the bad people. Amen.

  9. God save this nation. Its so sad, infact its pathetic. Just a few weeks ago we heard the news that one guy was arrested with arms in his Kaduna residence, but we all believe he was framed. And now these arms shipped into Nigeria. I just hope and pray this nation is not heading into a civil war. May Allah help us, coz only divine help will save us.

  10. Hah the fact is Nigerian Gov’t may be involved in it becouse It is clear that the Nigeria intelligence agencies do not have the capacity to deal with the emerging challenge. t is also interesting that since this story broke out in the British media, the Nigerian government has not come out with any specific statement on it.

  11. If an ındıvıdual could lay hıs hand on thıs kınd of ınformatıon and relay same for Nıgerıans to read,ı begın to wonder why FG(wıth all ıts mıght) and the nıgerıan medıa have not deemed ıt fıt to be publıshed on theır daılıes……does ıt mean that thıs ınformatıon ıs all a ruse or that some people just want to close theır eyes untıll the rest of us are wıped off the map of Nıgerıa?

  12. The fact is that we dont have a Government in Nigeria.Not on selfish ground but on official ground.Imagine someone who says ”I dont have the experience to run a Country” but yet he was imposed on Nigerians by a negligible number of populace so they can get cover from this in Experienced person.

  13. This is what happens when corruption prevails @ all sector of government .
    Where is our customs officers? Law enforcement to checkmate illegal shipments ………
    Corruption is our only problem ……
    GOD save 9ja frm CaBALS.

    1. Yes! I think the only solution is fasting and prayers! cause its only divine intervention that could see us through!!

  14. I keep saying the GEJ led PDP Govt. are questionable…In fact they dont mean good at all to this country. Again they’re the real problem of this country! (GOD) save us frm d hand o3 dis bad leaders.

  15. The least..Nigeria is the largest most crowded kurupt 3rd world nation on earth,why won’t the interpol revil tha tin ice b4 the quickest invension? Tv to all eyes,while our mouth spree’ come againts the usual caos theory amongs us cause by the most powerful nations..United kingdom and there bestfriends should go to war wit the rest of us left in this t-attackers,may God place us beyond their troubles..Amin!

    1. I guess its all on us Nigerians to see to d root of this matter and fish out who the Nigerian buyer’s are. GEJ and PDP have failed us,we need to wake up and fight for our dear country. We shouldn’t allow a grp of people called d ‘ cabal ‘ keep us in ransom, our population is our power and our wepon, we should take advantage of that.

  16. Alhamdulillah we now understand that the nigerian government are not ready to give security 4 their people .
    So now nigeria’s people is left for you to find out the solution.

  17. Let d world know that Nigeria is God’s own, n for every damage humanly influenced, God will fight, Garry Hydes n all his Allies shld be warned…

  18. This is scaring,l will want to believe that the Nigeria Govt. is not sleeping,its not every information they get they send to the general public to digest in order not to cause uneccessory panic in his citizines,my Allah help u,we all have to turn to God for assistance/help, God bless Nigeria!!!

  19. It is truly a sad development. At this point in Nigeria’s present predicament, we do not need additional arms to instigate further what has deterioted already but a truce which will bring about peace.

    Nigeria is a peace loving country despite the fact that we have some desperate and greedy citizens whose main objective is monetary gains. With this, they will go to any length to actualise there useless ambitions of becoming wealthy.

    I do not believe the Boko Haram group was set up for religious wars because muslims are even more affected by the mayhem.

    With all these said, the question still remains “Are the Boko Haram group Nigerians?” Because if they actually are, then it is a sad development that they are killing their very own.

  20. This is indeed so pathetic, but I tell you fellow Nigerians our country will never move forward untill we keep politics of religion, ethnicity and sectionalism aside. May God deliver us from tye hands of these wicket and non God fearing leaders.

    1. Why do Nigerians always say things like “may God help us”, and God will save Nigeria”? I get so pissed when I see these statements! God will not come down and save nigeria,Nigerians will have to get up and save Nigeria for themselves!! God have given you all you need to save yourselves.God didn’t come down and save egypt and other countries.pls let us come together and fight for ourselves and leave God out of it for now,maybe we can ask for God’s blessings when we start the fight.

  21. Alhamdulillah,we are becoming to get d basic information rather than hear say,now who are this pple behind it in nigeria&is d govmnt ready to Inform its citizen and give us security atleast we need to know d Actual sad we are still praying and will keep praying,1 for Allah to expose those behind this innocent killing&bombing!2 for Allah to guide&protect us from all this wahala,3,we pray for unity&stabilityin our country&may Allah guide our leaders&touch their heart so that they will have symphaty on us nigerians!!!!!!!let’s keep praying Allah will surely see us through!

  22. On ma part, stopped reading d story cos I feel its fake. How and where did he ship the weapons from? If from Britain, why wasn’t he arrested before shipping them?
    Nigerians, don’t forget these same media claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and at the end of the whole massacre, nothing was found.
    They predicted that Nigeria will split in 2015 so I think they are cooking up stories to flame their prediction by causing panic which I must say is being achieved.
    Nigerian shine your eyes!!!
    One Nigeria, one great nation.

  23. Oh God!!! we are in trouble. only
    your intervention can save the
    situation. oh God protect your
    people against our enemies.

  24. God is answering the prayers of His children thats why these discoveries were made. More would still be made.
    The Nigerian government is on top of the situation. Perpetrators would be made to face the wrath of the law just like the BH runaway and all that embezzled public fund.
    God is the last resort of His people, it is well with you all even when the govt cannot handle it any further. The Lord is our Keeper.

  25. Hey! We all are missing an important element in this article, there is nothing about who their contacts in Nigeria are. We need to call on the government of UK to please in the investigation pubslish the names of their partners in NIgeria and lets prosecute them all

  26. The basis of this article is to inform Nigeria that a geopolitical sector of it is already armed n waiting to strike. And even if the British govt is bringing out all this facts now, they can’t fool me cos the knew wen n hw it went down, must have made their gains too n now issuing a warning cos wen it starts this guns will eventually b traced bk to who sold it- a Briton abi?

  27. Actually after, I go through all those story even if it a truth but is not the main Idea or the massege, there is some behind it like we are been direct to whom we should me business with.

  28. This is realy a big problem big enough to cause sleepless nights to every concerned citizen but unfortunately all they do is sit on a round table and do nothing about it. You need to think and act REAL FAST. We don’t want it getting messier those involved spend sleepless nights planning you have to keep your honest and loyal security men not plot against them to eliminate them.

    1. I hope Nigerian govt is silent because an underground
      Investigation is going? The Chinise govt has a big role to play in saving Nigerians and we pray they will act fast. God bless the writer for this information.

    May God protect us amin,this need an urgent follow up by FGN internatinalyand it has to be collective responsability.

  30. It is un4tunate dat wen d ‘bubble go burst’ it s d ordinary nigerian dat suffers most. May d almighty continue 2 protect his children.

  31. I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A small number of my blog audience have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?

  32. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

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