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Top 10 technology predictions for 2012

Here are my top 10 technology predictions for this year, 2012. I’ve arranged them in no particular order.

1. Mobile Money will become ubiquitous
Believe it or not, mobile money, even though a relatively new concept in Nigeria, will gain a lot of traction this year.

2. E-commerce will boom
There are way too many factors that will ensure the flourishing of e-commerce in the country this year. From the policies put in place by the Central Bank to the introduction of mobile money, this sector is set to take off. If you are an investor or entrepreneur, you must start making your investments and keeping a close eye on this one.

3. Collaboration will be key
One problem we were successfully able to diagnose in the tech community last year is that there are too many people working in silos and the key to our flourishing and ultimate survival will be to collaborate. Enough said. 

4. More HTML5 innovation
HTML5 was one of the biggest news of 2011. However, we’ve only began to scratch the surface on what this technology is capable of delivering. Watch out for more innovation this technology will bring. If you didn’t pick up this technology last year, it’s not late yet to hop on.

5. Opera Mini/Mobile will become more HTML5 compatible
Opera’s mobile browsers are awesome and very popular. The only limitation is it’s HTML5 capabilities. This year will see that browser come of age.

6. Data science will become even more relevant
Data science is responsible for the algorithms that enable social networks make relevant suggestions to you. More and more online services will become dependent on the value data sciences provide.

7. We’ll do everything on the cloud
It’s becoming a reality already. The most important software your computer will need will be the browser as our lives move closer and closer to being wholly cloud-based.

8. Decentralized social networks will gain more popularity
Open standards, open APIs and open source will spur the development of decentralized social networks as more people take control of their online privacy.

9. Mobile marketing will become as important and popular as traditional Internet marketing.

10. Android smartphones will gain mainstream popularity
A lot of people will disagree with me but wait until Chinese mobile phone manufacturers switch to using Android, which will be a smart move.

By Tim Akinbo, Follow the author on twitter @takinbo.


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