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100 commandments in Islam

A collection by Dr.

1 – Worship of God Almighty, the creator of the universe with absolute knowledge and perfection.

2 – Believe in all of his prophets, angels, holy books, holy spirits, resurrection  and life after death.

3 – Pray to God five times a day and give up what does not matter you.

4 – Fast the month of Ramadan (no food, no drink, no sex from sunrise to sunset).

5 – Give charity to the pours, feed the hungry, give drink, give shelter to strangers and clothe to the naked.

6 – Visit the holy site in Mecca once in lifetime whenever financially, mentally and physically able.

7 – Think of the kingdom of God, greet people with smile on your face and remember that God is watching your actions and there is always good news after the bad one.

8 – Repent to God against religious disobedience or abuse by an admission of guilt, give up the wrong doing, regretting it and a promise not to repeat the sin.

9 – Repent to God against human offense or abuse by gaining God forgiveness and the forgiveness from the person who is wronged via verbal apology or an attempt to make restitution or compensation for the damage.

10 – Be sincere to your faith and religion by being a true believer and a good worshiper.

11 – Be sincere to your heart by doing what is right against what is wrong and what you feel comfortable against what you do not feel comfortable.

12 – Be sincere to your world by leaving behind good news to every human and creature on Earth.

13 – Be patient to self control your physical desires and emotions.  

14 – Be patient against unjustified actions or fear or anger and remember that victory comes with patience. 

15 – Be patient to show good sense, learn more and act wisely.

16 – Be truthful to God, loyal to the community and faithful to your family.

17 – Be truthful at war and in peace, at goods and bad, with yourself or with others.

18 – Be good to your parents, support your family and treat orphans with dignity and care.

19 – Be good to your wife and give her the same treat as yourself.

20 – Be good to your kids with love, care and better education.

21 – Be good to your neighbors and clean the mess from the street.

22 – Be a good fighter against intruders and concorers. 

23 – Be polite, decent and praise God for his blessing.  

24 – Be generous, charm and thankful to people.

25 – Be considerate and respectful.

26 – Be honest, sincere and give advice.

27 – Be merciful and treat people with mercy.

28 – Be just and follow justice.

29 – Be a person of his word, serious and realistic.

30 – Be a person of his promise.

31 – Be conscious and show wisdom

32 – Be cleaver, active and use your better health and time.

33 – Be straight forward with clear plan.

34 – Be curious about your own business only.

35 – Be open minded and successful.

36 – Be able to lead and drive achievement.

37 – Be a mankind of vision.

38 – Do not kill or terrorize innocent  people.

39 – Do not cheat, lie or gossip.

40 – Do not pitrade, insult or humiliate people.

41 – Do not rape or commit adultery.

42 – Do not drink alcohol or eat pork.

43 – Do not gamble or being abuser.

44 – Do not be homosexual, gay or bisexual.

45 – Do not be stupid or ignorant.

46 – Do not be greedy or mean.

47 – Do not be dishonest, committing fraud or false testify. 

48 – Do not be envious or jealous.

49 – Do not be hypocrite.

50 – Do not be irresponsible or irrational.

51 – Do not be indecent.

52 – Do not be fanatic or strict.

53 – Do not be mysterious or suspicious.

54 – Get married, the sooner the better.

55 – Have divorce if necessary.

56 – Have abortion to save mother’s life.

57 – Have humility and never show pride to your own ability.

58 – Have kindness and share happiness with others.

59 – Have faith in justice and the right things.

60 – Have hope that good will prevail.

61 – Have forgiveness to whom you know or do not know.

62 – Have determination and never give up or blame yourself after doing your best.

63 – Have religious tolerance and respect other faith.

64 – Have integrity.

65 – Have responsibility.

66 – Have enthusiasm and good sense of humor.

67 – Have harmony with others.

68 – Have better contact and communication with people.

69 – Have hope for the future and work to achieve it.

70 – Have compassion.

71 – Have self steam.

72 – Have confidence.

73 – Have concentration and focus.

74 – Never get angry in order to keep your rational self control.

75 – Never get lust against power, money and sex.

76 – Never seek revenge and have a fair punishment.

77 – Never put yourself above others.

78 – Never be hesitant.

79 –  Never been racist or act with racism.

80 – Fight against human rights abusers.

81 – Fight against poverty.

82 – Fight against injustice.

83 – Encourage sustainable learning.

84 – Encourage gaining knowledge.

85 – Encourage sustainable development of human thought.

86 – Encourage peace and stability all over the world.

87 – Encourage values, morals and ethics.

88 – Care of your life feel gratitude and thankful for all the good things in life.

89 – Care of mankind and see things from all sides.

90 – Enjoy spirituality and remind people of their faith and the meaning of life.

91 – Show abstinence and control your desire to consume only what you need.

92 – Show diligence in actions and never get lazy at work.

93 – Show hospitality and self independency.

94 – Show flexibility and cooperation .

95 – Share people’s feeling with great help and support.

96 – Respect elderly and visit the sick.

97 – Respect scholars, scientists and always ask for learning.

98 – Appreciate art, beauty and excellence.

99 – Treat animals with mercy.

100 – Bury the dead and remember their goods.


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