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WEIRD: ‘Don’t strike Iran – it might annoy Madonna’

Madonna (Reuters / Jeff Haynes)

Israeli activists are begging PM Netanyahu to refrain from striking Iran. A campaign has been launched on Facebook to prevent an Israeli onslaught on Tehran’s nuclear facilities. The group’s motive – they want to see Madonna in concert first.

The Queen of Pop is due to appear in Tel Aviv on 29 May. In anticipation, Israeli Madonna fans have launched a full-scale online anti-war protest, to ensure the gig is not cancelled due to military disturbances.

The Facebook group’s description speaks for itself: “Bibi don’t start a war with Iran until after Madonna’s show on May 29.” Bibi is the popular nickname for Benjamin Netanyahu.

So far, some 200 people have joined the page. Their concern is well-founded: there have been dozens of cases when stars cancelled their performances in Israel due to war and political reasons. According to Israel’s Haaretz, in 2006 Depeche Mode called off their Tel Aviv show due to what became known as the Second Lebanon War. Earlier, in 2001 the Red Hot Chili Peppers pulled out during the Second Intifada.


Source: RT

By Muhammad Lawal

I just dey like Dele

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