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#BokoHaram: Kabiru Sokoto is Mentally Sick, Rejected

The Boko Haram indicates that the recent arrest of the alleged mastermind of the Christmas day bombing at Madalla, Suleija may have been a false alarm and/or false victory. It is gathered that Kabiru may have been a rejected/suspended member of the Boko Haram. This is according to a reliable source within the terrorist group who revealed that the group had expelled Kabiru from Sokoto State sector of the group.

The source reveals that it discounted Kabiru’s arrest by the Nigerian security agents. He noted their decision not to attack the police stations in Abuja following the first arrest of Kabiru as indicative of the low priority attached to his person in the group. “We would have damaged Abuja”, say the source who pointed to the capture of the media front man and the attack that followed at the Kaduna military base as typical reaction when a ranking member is captured. The attacks on Kano and Bauchi were cited as typical response to the capture of prized members.

Kabiru Umar Sokoto was made the head of the Sokoto sector of the Boko Haram military operations – but was sent away from Sokoto following the discovery by the group that he suffered from mental related illness. This is according to the source.

Attempts to reach the State Security Service [SSS] to comment officially on the mental status of Kabiru Sokoto proved abortive.

Meanwhile in a related development, the source reveals that the terrorist group has agreed to a 8-day cease-fire on MAJOR ATTACKS – starting from Friday February 10, 2012 and expiring on Saturday February 18, 2012. This is as a result of an ongoing secret dialogue between the group and agents of Government. The leader of the group has promised to reach out to the field operatives to halt all attacks. This confirms an earlier report by which indicated that the men of Boko Haram has begun secret meetings with the office of the National Security Adviser [NSA]. gathered that Gombe was to be the next port of call for the members of Boko Haram. But the attack was shelved.


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