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Kaduna Bomb explosion: From the scene

Kaduna explosion scene II (pic via SaharaReporters)
Remains of the dead policeman who lost his life at the scene (Pic via SaharaReporters)
Where the explosive material was placed (Pic by MuhdLawal)
















Two bombs exploded  in the Unguwan Sarki area of Kaduna, shattering a policeman to pieces. The two explosions occured at the junction leading into Ungwan Sarki, few metres away from the Sultan Bello Central Mosque, Kaduna.

The first explosion occurred behind a bus (beside the road) with no casualty or a damage, few meters away from  the U-Turn (Unguwan Sarki Junction).

Scene of the blast at Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna.

A Policeman whose identity or rank could not be ascertained (from the Operation Yaki) immediately walked to check the content of a polythine bag left at the foot of a street light by unknown persons when it exploded, shattering him into pieces. The policeman was said to have removed an item from the bag, before it exploded.

The first and second blast took place directly opposite a checkpoint manned by officers of the Nigerian Army.

People gathering at the scene of the blast, minutes after the explosion.

Police PRO, Aminu Lawan said officers from the police’s anti-bomb squad said they had found other unexploded bombs in the area.

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By Muhammad Lawal

I just dey like Dele

4 replies on “Kaduna Bomb explosion: From the scene”

pls let stop dis killing,our future is bright.if we continous 2 kill ourself wat profit or joy we gain in it and also who will remain 2 leave with,talk 2.pls let love ourself.God love us.

dis is jst d signs of d end time,may God help us 2 b prepare incase our own rapture take place cos no body knows wen and hw.D bible made us 2 knw dat after death comes judgment.Boko haram repent and stop waisting innocent souls cos on d last day u’l account 4 it.A word is enough 4 d wise,GOD is speaking 2 u,2moro may b too late

Same belive that it is good for them to kill base on some religion but i tell you that it is only the unwise that killed

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