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Facebook is down in Europe, Africa

Facebook is down in Europe. It’s not clear how widespread the issue is, but I have heard reports from users being unable to access the social network from Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the U.K. There has also been whispers of Facebook not working in Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and UAE, though these have been harder to confirm.

If you’re elsewhere in the world and can’t access Facebook right now, please let me know. If you are in the above countries and can access Facebook, please let me know as well.

Some people in the listed countries can still access Facebook; it appears to depend on what Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are using. You may thus be able to access Facebook from a friend’s place. Try accessing it from your phone, as that also might work.

The root of the problem is likely a DNS issue, rather than a global routing or site availability problem. One user told me the company’s two announced servers ( and are reachable but not answering requests.

It’s working just fine for me, but I’m located in Canada. At the time of writing, says Facebook is working just fine: “It’s just you. is up.”

Meanwhile, says Facebook’s current status is “Likely Service Disruption.” You can see what I mean in the screenshot above.

The list of countries is growing as other countries recover from the service disruption. via ZDnet Mobile

*NB: images may not load due to tech difficulties.


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