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Terrorism in Nigeria: Timeline between 26.08.2011 and 26.04.2012 by Wale Babatunde

Between 26.08.2011 UN Building bomb blast in Abuja & 26.04.2012 ThisDay bomb blast there ve been over 25 bomb attack in 10 States in Nigeria

26.08.2011: UN Building Bomb blast, #Abuja over 23 people dead according to official records.

4.11.2011- 5.11.2012: Yobe State. Over 60 people dead. Official record.

5.11.2011: Borno State triple suicide bomb, Military HQ, Maiduguri.

17.12.2011: Kano State 2 dead and 6 injured.

19.12.2011: Kano State 14 suspected terrorist arrested after attack.

25.12.2011: Niger State (Madalla) & Jos, Church. 32 reported dead.

01.01.2012: Adamawa, Yobe. Over 40 reported dead.

20.01.2012: Kano coordinated multiple bomb blast. Over 185 reported dead.

07.02.2012: Kaduna State over 40 casualties.

14.02.2012: Kaduna City. 2 casualties.

22.02.2012: Kano. Explosions and gunfire. No official report of casualties.

24.02.2012: Gombe State. 4 reported dead.

26.02.2012: Plateau State, Jos. 4 dead and many casualties reported.

11.03.2012: Plateau State, Jos. 4 reported dead.

12.03.2012: Kano State, Police Station attacked. 4 people reported dead.

08.04.2012: Kaduna, explosion in Sarduna Area. No official record on casualties.

26.04.2012: Abuja ThisDay Newspaper office, according to Red Cross over 37 people reported dead.

26.04.2012: Kaduna City, Kano Road. ThisDay bureau office. 10 unofficial reported dead.

26.04.2012: Kaduna City, Ungwan Muazu. 3 reported dead.

26.04.2012: Gombe State University senate building bomb, no casualties reported.

That is all on the reported bomb blast attack in Nigeria between UN Building Bomb Blast & ThisDay, a period of 8months with over 600 dead.

If you still think BH attack is against the government, think again. The attacks are against we Nigerians without ethnic or religion line.

Tweets by Wale Babatunde – @BabatundeJnr on twitter.


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