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US behind terrorist attacks in Nigeria – Shia Cleric

Prominent Shia leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky says the Untied States has been behind series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks across Nigeria.

He said in an interview with the Hausa Radio that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) carried out the bombing attacks in different cities of Nigeria.

Zakzaky also noted that Boko Haram is a well-known group and the US blames the indigenous group for the attacks to weaken Muslims and divide Nigeria.

Zakzaky says those who portray themselves as Boko Haram spokesmen are foreign agents and have no links to Islamic ideology.

The head of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement said the US has been trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Nigeria under the pretext of fighting terrorism, adding that this is while that they make terrorists themselves.

Scores of people have been killed and many others wounded in a series of bombing attacks across Nigeria in recent months.

Source: Press TV


By Muhammad Lawal

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