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5 Reasons you should let go of Anger/Stress

Anger is an extremely powerful, but often irrational emotional that causes us to loose focus and common sense.

This irrationality often causes us to make more mistakes instead of creating positive results, and can cause discontent and frustration towards those we care about.

While anger may be a vital survival tool it doesn’t help us when it comes to most every day activities.

In fact it often hurts us more than it helps us. Understand the negative impacts anger can have on our lives is a vital step toward alleviating the anguish that comes from always being angry.

1. Anger is unhealthy for relationships

Anger rarely ever makes a relationship better.

It often causes individuals to lash out and blame one another rather than work together to create a solution to their problem.

It can even cause violence and death when taken to extreme levels.

While milder versions of anger may not cause us to act out as negatively it can still kill our healthy emotions and cause us to look negatively at the world around us.

2. Anger causes misjudgement

Anger causes us to misjudge ourselves, others, and the situations around us.

When we are angered we often create false beliefs to fill in our voids and make sense of our anger, but by doing this we take our situation out of context and make it worse than it is.

We often end up making mistakes, blaming others and complaining about situations that aren’t the cause of our pain.

Misjudgement leads to mistakes which lead to more problems and more anger.

3. Anger affects self esteem

Many times we become angry in an attempt to protect our self esteem and take the blame off of the mistakes that we have made.

It can make us feel empowered and right about what we have done by making others wrong for the way we are feeling.

The issue with that is It not only causes us to become less responsible for our actions it causes us to lose track of our own sense of control and gives up our ability to take the actions necessary to fix our situation.

By blaming others we no longer have the ability to get better because all of our happiness, anger, pain, and sorrow are controlled by the person we blame.

4. Anger creates a bad image

The way others look at us often has to do with our attitude.

The more positive we are the more people (usually) want to be around us and the more negative we are the more people want to avoid us.

Anger makes us look out of control and unstable.

It doesn’t help us build relationships or solve anything.

In most cases it makes it harder for us to connect with others and achieve the goals we set out to accomplish

Just like clothing our attitude is easier to see than we often think and we end up wearing our emotions on our sleeves so to speak.

Chances are if you are angry than other people will notice it as well and be more likely to avoid you and see you as a negative person.

5. Anger has been associated with many health risks

Whether or not you believe it anger has been scientifically proven over and over again to increase many disorders and health risks from obesity to heart complications and many other health problems.

As stated earlier anger causes us to act irrationally which can include anything from eating unhealthy foods to calm ourselves to causing high levels of stress which raise blood levels and cause unhealthy levels of chemical secretion such us testosterone and adrenaline which can cause us to become violent.

I’m not a specialist in this type of study, but it’s worth checking out if you want to really learn about all of the negative causes anger can have on your health.

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