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Gen. Buhari, GEJ, PDP, 2015 and Twitter

Top Tweets: General Buhari vs. Goodluck Jonathan, PDP

@bashiryusuf – I read Ruben Abati’s statement. Obviously, these guys are living in planet Mars. They should thank Buhari for sounding the alarm.

@rosanwo – Dear GEJ and PDP, pls ignore Gen. Buhari, hes really old. Rig the 2015 elections, Nigerians are mumus, they will not react.

@ogundamisi – General Obasanjo was in london he spoke about bloody revolution. GEJ did not condemn him. Why? He’s a southern Christian & PDP warlord!

@ged – There are 3 types of B/Haram: “Moh’d Yusuf’s sympathizers; criminals who kill&steal; while the biggest is FG” ~Buhari quoting Ango Abdullahi

@omojuwa – Does the truth depend on who is saying it or what is being said? Too much cry over one man saying the truth

@DarkSilversmith – Are you guys just being emotional or just plain irrational? There’s no fault in Buhari‘s recent utterances

@toluogunlesi – Reuben Abati, whose problem is that he has changed, has taken on Mohammadu Buhari, whose problem is that he can’t change

@DOlusegun – Buhari merely confirmed what GEJ said sometime ago, “Boko haram militants have infiltrated my government” remember?

@jag_nicca – GEJ‘s reaction to Buhari is more swift and stronger dan his reaction to Boko Haram. Attacks……smh

@Naxeerr – not an ounce of fault in Buhari’s statement, he said “…IF rigging occurs”2ndly he quoted Proff. Ango Abdullah’s Comments on BH..”

@omojuwa – Bomb blast response average 48 hours/blast | Buhari blast response speed of light/blast. Priorities

@ogundamisi – Mr Jonathan You are D PRESIDENT! IF DEM BORN YOU WELL! ARREST BUHARI after all he’s not ABOVE D LAW! Spineless President.

@eggheader – How can Abati say GEJ has delivered on electoral promises? Ask where he was when GEJ was campaigning. He doesn’t even know the “promises”.

@je_mc2 – Let us note that what Buhari said was a conditional statement: ‘IF what happened in 2011 happens in 2015…’. IF.

@wapsydudu – When #GMB speaks, FG trembles; he worked hard for that reputation, When #GEJ ‘talks’ my 2yr old son laughs. He worked harder as well 4 it.

@nekanmoff – Arrest Buhari just as you are ready to arrest TY Danjuma (Somalisation) & Obasanjo (Youth restlessness) ok?#BuhariSpokeMymind

@rosanwo – GMB also mentioned the unprecedented corruption under GEJ with #fuelsubsidy, did GEJ/PDP address that in the response?

@nekanmoff – VP Sambo & GEJ has been mentioned by people standing trial for terrorism at different times. Nobody has called for their heads

@U_ef – If you feel bitter about Gen. Buhari’s recent comments, it’s glaring that you don’t have the country at heart.

@nekanmoff – GEJ & PDP didn’t hear TY Danjuma speak about Somalisation of Nigeria if things continue this way. Ts simply called Cluelessness.

@azeez_ala – Revolution on the way, any attempt by PDP to rig in 2015 will cause wahala.

@DOlusegun – By 2015, it won’t be Buhari’s war! And make no mistake, he might not even contest! It will be PDP against the rest of us.

@OKShorty1 – in my opinion sir, Buhari has spoken like a statesman that he is! He simply spoke d the mind of so many ppl

@rosanwo – The only mistake Buhari made with his statement was hitting the nail on the head, when hes not TB Joshua.


5 thoughts on “Gen. Buhari, GEJ, PDP, 2015 and Twitter

  1. As much as I feel a way about Buhari, I say GBAM to his comment. Our country needs new blood. Not Buhari, GEJ or any of the current people in power. They have all failed us. ALL of them.

    1. Buhari never failed Nigeria, rather Nigerians failed him. IBB upturned his regime, Obasanjo rigged the initial election and Nigerians refused to see the end of their noses as they were fooled into voting for the boy that had no shoes, whose parents weren’t hardworking enough to provide him with his basic amenities and now bent on us, denying our lineage with their basic amenities with his insensitive and corrupt cabinet. Physician cure thyself and quit playing NFA football politics with the state of the Nigerian socio-economic state, stop looking for to blame and get your job done. Adopt the anthem note of serving with all your might. Mschheeeeewwww!!!

      1. Astute comment Titi. Buhari was first tarred as a muslim extremist, now they are trying to paint him as a regional bigot. We never like discipline and correction in Nigeria, but seek ways for quick money. We deserve the leaders we get in Nigeria.

  2. buhari is lik d biblical john d baptist dat is shoutin in d wilderness 4 d truth, not mindin whose horse is goad. All hail! our one n only sincere general

  3. Gen m buhari did not make a mistake by his bloodshed remark, if PDP are planning good why are they afraid? Because they plan not to conduct free and fair election shame onto bad leader’s.

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