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US-led Islamophobia, new form of political colonialism: Analyst

A political analyst says that Islamophobia is a type of “political colonialism” and “ideological war” waged by the United States and its Zionist allies against Islam and Muslims.

“Islamophobia is a form of political colonialism; an ideological war against Islam and the Muslims,” wrote Dr. Ismail Salami, a prolific Iranian author and Middle East expert, in an article published on Press TV’s website on Sunday. 

“It is a pernicious practice used by Washington and its allies to justify their lust for Muslim blood, give validity to their military expeditions in Muslim countries and seize hold of their numerous resources,” he added.

Pointing to the US military forces’ shooting of Afghan civilians in March — whereby 18 people including nine children lost their lives while sleeping — as well as their burning of copies of the Holy Qur’an earlier, Salami further noted that “It is clear that the US government has commenced a large-scale campaign against Islam with the express intention of debilitating the Muslim community.”

The political analyst also explained that the roots of Washington’s systematic Islamophobia campaign could be traced back to the deadly attacks of September 11, 2001 and the ideological reaction of the American government to the incident.

“In fact, the war on Islam started in 2001 when the then US president George Bush made a crass reference to his so-called war on terror as ‘crusade’,” he pointed out, adding, “Gradually, Washington instilled a sensation of anti-Islamism in America and Europe by attributing the nine-eleven tragedy and ensuing terrorist operations to the Muslims.”

Explicating Bush’s “delusional” mentality in embarking on a campaign of Islamophobia, he highlighted his “idea of a messianic mission,” noting that “Bush wittingly or unwittingly dragged the world to the margins where a clash of civilizations was imminent.”

The author of Human Rights in Islam also referred to the US military’s attempts to provoke anti-Islamic hatred in its members and teach them to fight a “total war” against Islam in order to “protect America.”

“The US military held a course at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College and taught the students that they had to use a Hiroshima-style [campaign] in Muslim counties and target the civilian population wherever necessary,” Salami said.

“The officer in charge of the hate lessons” — which were taught under a course titled ‘Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism’ — “was Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley who still maintains his position at the Norfolk, Virginia College,” he noted.

He finally explained the destructive effect of such “mad” teachings on the American forces’ attitude toward Islam, pinpointing those institutions behind the anti-Islam project in the United States.

“The project of Islamophobia which has cost more than $40 million over the past ten years has been funded by seven foundations in the United States: 1. Richard Mellon Scaife Foundation; 2. Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation; 3. Newton and Rochelle Becker Foundation; 4. and Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust; 5. Russell Berrie Foundation, Anchorage Charitable Fund and William Rosenwald; 6. Family Fund; 7. Fairbrook Foundation” Salami concluded.



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