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Police recover 46 explosive devices from residential building in Okene – Daily Trust


Police in Kogi on Monday announced the recovery of 46 Improvised Explosive Devices, and the arrest of a suspect from a residential building during an overnight operation.

Commissioner of Police Mohammed Katsina told newsmen in Lokoja that the recovery was made in Okaito area when a man suspected to have detonated the explosives near a church in Okene on Sunday, led the police to the apartment.

He described the building as “an intriguing and disgusting deceit’’.

According to him, two of the rooms in the four-bedroom apartment had been converted to a mosque and a church.

Among the items recovered from the building are copies of the Holy Quran and a Bible, a cross, a bell, a candle receptacle and a portrait of Jesus Christ.

Others items are a book entitled: “Islamism and Satanism; Unveiling the Truth”  written by one Answarullah,  other religious publications and books, Katsina said.

Fifteen capacitors, 15 fuses, one electric detonator with capacity to detonate objects within metres range, five litres of raw acid and roll of firing cables, were also recovered.

Others comprise 250 mm detonating cord, 25 kg of ammonium nitrate, three pieces of handheld phones, a box of nails and 54 ammunitions of 5.56 calibres.

He praised the people living around the church, the target of Sunday’s failed exercise, for their gallantry and `adequate response’ when the bomb was detonated.

Katsina urged landlords to be wary of their tenants.

4 replies on “Police recover 46 explosive devices from residential building in Okene – Daily Trust”

So its not the muslims that are to blame after all….ppl find it quick and convinient to blame muslims

Mr CP, what nnext after this arrest? We’ve had so many arrests I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the past and then everything fizzles out until another one.

So now where the can president let him be aware that ,his members are also deeply involved in the bokoharam activities ,than whay next ?

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