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ROTFL… ‘Don’t doubt MTN airplane offer’

MTN Nigeria

MTN has assured its new and existing subscribers of its commitment to fulfill its promise of rewarding the winner of its ongoing Ultimate Wonder Promo with an airplane  .

The General Manager, Consumer Marketing of MTN, Kola Oyeyemi, at a press briefing in Lagos on Thursday, said there was no cause to doubt the company as it had in the past demonstrated its sincerity in fulfilling such promises.

Oyeyemi said, “For many people, it’s so hard to believe that we are giving out an aeroplane which for me is understandable because no other brand has done that in our history. I think I have some reputation as an individual. There is nothing MTN has promised Nigeria and failed to fulfill.

“Remember the N1bn promo where we shelled out N1bn to 100 lucky winners. It looked very impossible to many until we made it happen. The Automania game is ongoing; so far we have given out over 86 Hyundai ix35 SUVs to lucky winners in the 100 SUVs – 100-day nation-wide automania game.

“We decided to go for an airplane because we know we have the capacity to do it.”

He said  apart from doing the usual, nothing extraordinary was  required to emerge as the winner of the promo.

“Consumers do not need to do extra ordinary things to win the airplane, all we ask you to do is do nothing asides what you normally would do,” Oyeyemi added.

He explained that an average Nigerian would at least buy airtime worth N200 in a month, and this is enough to earn someone an airplane.

To win the aeroplane, subscribers were encouraged to recharge up to N3,000 within the 90 days period of the promo.

According  to him, the more a subscriber recharges, the more chances they stand to win. Other prizes  up for grabs in the Ultimate Wonder promo include a weekly star  prize of  N2m and  N150,000   to 12 winners per week with a token  recharge of at least N200 in a week.

Also instant cash prizes of N50, 000 was said to await lucky subscribers who are spotted by the Mystery Spotter on the streets of Nigeria with the Ultimate Wonder Sticker pasted on their cars.

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