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Muslim leaders call French Mohammed cartoons ‘new insult’

Muslim leaders have urged France to take firm action after a French magazine’s publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on Wednesday. 

“We reject and condemn the French cartoons that dishonor the Prophet,” the acting head of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, Essam Erian, said, as cited by Reuters. 

“If the case of Kate [Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge] is a matter of privacy, then the cartoons are an insult to a whole people,” he said.

In Lebanon, leading Salafist cleric Sheikh Nabil Rahim warned the cartoons were extremely insulting and could lead to more violence. An official in Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church called the publication a “deliberate provocation.”


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4 thoughts on “Muslim leaders call French Mohammed cartoons ‘new insult’

  1. MUSLIMS and people of ISLAM: We “Christians” and “Jews” do NOT make fun of your prophet!
    INDIVIDUALS make fun of your prophet! All of Christiandom is not at fault nor is it responsible. It is your insane practice of attacking entire groups of millions of people for the sins of ONE! If you want revenge.. GO ATTACK THAT ONE GUY!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM! That is justice! There is NOTHING you can say that will justify or make sense of muslims attacking and killing innocent people that have nothing to do with the one person who insulted you. Find this guy in California.. find this guy in France…. and do what you will with them. Slap them across the face. Show them pictures of you insulting Christ! Beat them up if you want. Do whatever you want to them. But leave everyone else alone or the KILLING WILL NEVER END! And you will ALWAYS hate us, and we will ALWAYS hate you. Is that what you want? Stop the insanity and hand out true justice to those who deserve it. You have NO EXCUSE for this.

    1. I think you should read MOCKING THE PROPHET, HOW SHOULD WE REACT? posted earlier on this blog.

      However, while calling on Muslims to be more tolerant or better, to ignore those Islamophobes, you have to also consider that not all people are the same. The level of patience, education, tolerance and so on varies from one individual to the other.

      Each religion have its own extremists, therefore it is a duty upon us to reach out and extend the message of peace to those who are angered easily and educate them.

      From the post above, you see even the Officials of Egypt’s Coptic orthodox called it a ‘deliberate provocation’. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to insult people’s beliefs.

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