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Feature: The Law and You


The Law, over years has obtained this cloak of invisibility such that the average person is unable to decipher its Language.

Moreso, Our society especially in recent times usually misconstrues the true nature of the Law. Lawyers are often perceived as liars who use the Law to manipulate and to serve their own purpose and agenda at the expense of the larger society.

This has often led to various misconceptions amongst the Public. These misconceptions are in fact very common even amongst the Elite and Educated Nigerians.

In order to counteract this perception, we are pleased to bring to you a unique Radio Programme aptly named “The Law and You”.

This program though a fresh one is sure to elicit a lot of followership and Listenership as we would be bringing seasoned Legal practitioners to demystify the “legal jargon”

The Law and You


Target Audience: 18-60

Purpose: Demystifying the Law to the Common Man whilst elucidating it for the Elite.

Frequency: Every Saturday, 60 Minutes Premium

Station: Rainbow 94.1fm

Time of Transmission: 06.30 – 07.30 pm (Evening Belt)

Format: Interactive, problem solving

This program is the most interactive talk radio program on the planet, produced by industry veteran Hakeem Ojaleye, a respected Producer and Olatundun Abiola as associate producer, it is hosted by the RadioLady Omotoyosi Bibire Salihu. The show offers a bold take on the Laws of Nigeria with a realistic approach.

It will feature A-list guests such as seasoned Legal practitioners, Men of the Nigeria Police Force, Legislators et al who will shed light on many Legal burning issues. The Law and you welcomes any and all opinions, any and all the Time.

The Show will treat a particular Legal issue for Four (4) weeks to properly explain the issues involved and to give room for in-depth research.


The show will visit many aspect of societal needs, this will include issues on marriage, divorce, business, politics and public office, human rights, gender issues, traffic laws, tenancy, entertainment and copyrights, environmental issues, civil unrest and public offences, labor and trade, the Electoral act 2011, the new petroleum bill in-retrospect, intra-party democracy etc. It will also feature:

  • Vox pop (opinion polls) on societal issues
  • Lawyers’ reactions from the stand of the Law on topical issues
  • Law language – Legal terms (interpretations and explanations)
  • Weekly quotation from the Nigerian Constitution
  • Weekly summary of a case and judgment (Law report)

Topics for Discuss (13Weeks)

— Wills and Administration of Estates

— Tenancy- Rights of the Landlord and Rights of the Tenants

— Lagos Traffic Laws

— Matrimonial Causes: Matters Arising

— Bail- Is it really your right? Issues arising

— Innocent until proven Guilty-uncovering the Myth


The Crew

“The Law and You” is produced by 30Metres Resources in collaboration with North Edge Attorneys and presented by Omotoyosi Bibire Salihu (Host). NorthEdge Attorneys is a thriving Law Firm with practice in Lagos, Kaduna and Abuja.

The Team comprises of Hakeem Ojaleye, a respected Producer, Olatundun Abiola (Associate Producer), Omotoyosi Bibire Salihu (Host) and NorthEdge Attorneys (Legal Advisers &Resource Person)


Unique Selling Point

—  Unique Problem Solving Law Program

—  Experienced Producers and Resources Persons

—  Unbeatable Local Content

—  Podcast and Live Streaming


60 Seconds = N9, 500

45 Seconds = N8, 400

30 Seconds = N7, 500

15 Seconds = N6, 400

Program Sponsorship

N75, 000 per Episode

Presenter Fee – Negotiable

30% production Cost


Olatundun Abiola

Associate Producer



For Further Details, please Contact:

30Metres Resources on

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