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‘Jinn’ (Spirit) has Twitter account in Saudi: report

Account says he is real but peaceful and likes to know humans

A screen shot of the Twitter page. (Supplied)

Many people believe in ‘jinn’ (spirits), but is it possible that one of those spirits sets up an account on Twitter and says he is a “real and peaceful jinn” who lives in Saudi Arabia and want to know humans.

The Saudi Arabic language daily Ajel published what it described as a copy of a Twitter account whose holder is claiming to be a Jinn.

The account is titled “I am a real Jinn” and says:”To all humans… I am the first Jinn to use Twitter… some might think that I am pretending and that I am human… actually, I am a real Jinn and you will see wonders in the future on my Twitter account.”

The message goes on: “I am a real Jinn who likes to be a brother to all humans. I am peaceful and do not like to hurt anyone. I like to mingle with humans and know their behavior. I live in a deserted house in Saudi Arabia.”

The paper said one reader tried to contact that account by using a fake name but quoted the reader as saying he was quickly identified by that account user.

“He mentioned my real full name and where I live, including the name of the neighbourhood and the city. I was shocked and instantly uttered prayers.”



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