The Scandals Buhari Cannot Ignore, By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

In a little over a month from now the President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari is scheduled to be sworn into office. His road to the presidency was not an easy one and should one day inspire a Hollywood movie. In terms of perseverance and human endurance, Buhari’s tenuous route to the presidency can only be compared… Continue reading The Scandals Buhari Cannot Ignore, By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

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GEJ: Between “Persecution” And “Prosecution”

By Muhammad Al-Ghazali When the history of the presidency of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (PHD) is written, one of the most enduring legacies of his tenure will undoubtedly be the incredible liberties the man and his wife took in their choices and application of the English language. Another of such legacies will also be his frequent… Continue reading GEJ: Between “Persecution” And “Prosecution”

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Growing Up Fearful in Nigeria

ABA, Nigeria — Horror calls down to us from northern Nigeria. Most of the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram rebels last spring are still unaccounted for. On Nov. 10, Boko Haram bombed a high school in Potiskum, killing at least 48 children. Last month, the group killed 48 fish vendors near the border with… Continue reading Growing Up Fearful in Nigeria

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Vladimir Putin: The rebuilding of ‘Soviet’ Russia

The world was stunned when Russia invaded Crimea, but should it have been? Author and journalist Oliver Bullough says President Vladimir Putin never kept secret his intention to restore Russian power – what’s less clear, he says, is how long the country’s rise can continue. On 16 August 1999, the members of Russia’s parliament –… Continue reading Vladimir Putin: The rebuilding of ‘Soviet’ Russia

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Confronting Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Our new era is one defined by ideological clashes, nationalistic resurgence, and territorial occupation – an era in some ways similar to the tragic periods of confrontation in 20th-century Europe. The decision by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to annex Crimea ended the post-Cold War era in Europe. Since the late Gorbachev-Reagan years, the… Continue reading Confronting Vladimir Putin’s Russia

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by Tariq Ramadan Contrary to expectations, over time, perceptions of Islam and Muslims by their western fellow-citizens have sharply deteriorated. Around us we observe the rise of populist movements and extreme right-wing parties from the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece and France (to name but a few European countries) to Australia, Canada and the… Continue reading CONFRONTING NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES

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Catholic church in France may become Mosque

A church in the central French town of Vierzon may be converted to a mosque, as Muslims across Europe are converting empty churches to fit their faith – but some locals are worried about the threat of radicalism. Vierzon has six churches, and in order to balance the books, the diocese is selling one of… Continue reading Catholic church in France may become Mosque

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‘Sharing is caring:’ why many Saudi women don’t mind polygamy

Polygamy is becoming socially accepted among Saudi women who is increasingly worried about spinsterhood. (Reuters) In Saudi Arabia, polygamy appears to be a solution for women increasingly worried about spinsterhood which is seen as associated with a “shortage” of men.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning reveals his moments of memory loss

Israeli PM “Bibi” Netanyahu on Guy Fawkes. The super-terrorist plans to blow up parliament and the King; the very nation will be liquidated. Fawkes was a Catholic rather than a Muslim – though Renaissance Europe was pretty good at bestialising both – but what a cartoon! I loved the curly fuse and the “flashy” bit… Continue reading Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning reveals his moments of memory loss

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Ahmadinejad hails imminent arrival of ‘Ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ’

Loathed in the West and weakened at home, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrapped up his annual address to the U.N. General Assembly on a theological note Wednesday, hailing the imminent arrival of an “Ultimate Savior.”

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