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Benefits of Exercising Regularly

To exercise regularly is fundamental for your well being and your shape. It’s good for your body and for your soul too. It doesn’t necessarily take incredible amount of time or money, but it represents priceless gains. Just think that half-hour a day on your stationary bike can do wonders for your body and your… Continue reading Benefits of Exercising Regularly

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Be… A Better Person

» Be truthful in everything, don’t lie. »Be sincere and straightforward, don’t be hypocritical. »Be honest, don’t be corrupt. »Be humble, don’t be boastful. »Be moderate, don’t be excessive. »Be reserved, don’t be garrulous. »Be soft-spoken, don’t be loud. »Be refined and gentle in speech, don’t curse and use foul language. »Be loving and solicitous… Continue reading Be… A Better Person

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Guantanamo Bay prison guard converts to Islam because of the living faith of Muslim detainees

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Terry Holdbrooks Jr., 29, wears the beard of a bald Amish guy, the tattoos of a punk kid, and the twitchy alertness of a military policeman. Take him to a restaurant, and he’ll choose the chair with its back against the wall. Take his photo, and he’ll prefer to look away from… Continue reading Guantanamo Bay prison guard converts to Islam because of the living faith of Muslim detainees

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‘Jinn’ (Spirit) has Twitter account in Saudi: report

Account says he is real but peaceful and likes to know humans A screen shot of the Twitter page. (Supplied) Many people believe in ‘jinn’ (spirits), but is it possible that one of those spirits sets up an account on Twitter and says he is a “real and peaceful jinn” who lives in Saudi Arabia… Continue reading ‘Jinn’ (Spirit) has Twitter account in Saudi: report

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Syria’s main opposition: Revolt will continue despite Qusayr fall

The armed uprising against the regime of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad will carry on despite the fall Wednesday of the strategic town of Qusayr, the war-torn country’s main opposition group said. “The blessed revolution will continue. Victory is on the side of the righteous, who resisted in the face of oppression and injustice,” AFP quoted… Continue reading Syria’s main opposition: Revolt will continue despite Qusayr fall

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Prophet Muhammad: The Social Reformer

All great civilizations, such as the Greeks, Romans, Persians and today in the form of West, have arisen mainly by advancing human rights and the rule of law. The rise of the Islamic civilization between the 7th and 13th centuries also owes itself to this principle. Few individuals in any civilization have been able to… Continue reading Prophet Muhammad: The Social Reformer

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The Place of Tolerance in Islam

One of the most important aspects of the Human Rights issue is the respect and tolerance which society must show towards the religions of other people; this, of course, includes the issue of freedom of reli­gion. I would like to talk about the Islamic point of view on religious tolerance. The Quranic Point of View… Continue reading The Place of Tolerance in Islam

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Feature: The Law and You

INTRODUCTION The Law, over years has obtained this cloak of invisibility such that the average person is unable to decipher its Language. Moreso, Our society especially in recent times usually misconstrues the true nature of the Law. Lawyers are often perceived as liars who use the Law to manipulate and to serve their own purpose… Continue reading Feature: The Law and You

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‘Sharing is caring:’ why many Saudi women don’t mind polygamy

Polygamy is becoming socially accepted among Saudi women who is increasingly worried about spinsterhood. (Reuters) In Saudi Arabia, polygamy appears to be a solution for women increasingly worried about spinsterhood which is seen as associated with a “shortage” of men.

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