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Prophet Muhammad: The Social Reformer

All great civilizations, such as the Greeks, Romans, Persians and today in the form of West, have arisen mainly by advancing human rights and the rule of law. The rise of the Islamic civilization between the 7th and 13th centuries also owes itself to this principle. Few individuals in any civilization have been able to… Continue reading Prophet Muhammad: The Social Reformer

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Feature: The Law and You

INTRODUCTION The Law, over years has obtained this cloak of invisibility such that the average person is unable to decipher its Language. Moreso, Our society especially in recent times usually misconstrues the true nature of the Law. Lawyers are often perceived as liars who use the Law to manipulate and to serve their own purpose… Continue reading Feature: The Law and You

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BREAKING: A New Gospel Revealed, Fragments Refers to Jesus’ Wife | Harvard Magazine

The front of a papyrus fragment from an early Christian codex on which is written a previously unknown gospel, the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife. AT 7 P.M. this evening in Rome (1 P.M. EST), Hollis professor of divinity Karen L. King revealed to a conference of Coptic scholars the existence of a newly discovered Christian… Continue reading BREAKING: A New Gospel Revealed, Fragments Refers to Jesus’ Wife | Harvard Magazine

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Sheikh Lawal Abubakar: Eight long years on

Thursday, May 24, 2012 marked exactly eight years since the painful but inevitable demise of my late father, Sheikh Lawal Abubakar (May Allah have mercy on him and on those before him). All the memories I have of my late father are sweet ones. Like every responsible father, Malam never compromised as far as our… Continue reading Sheikh Lawal Abubakar: Eight long years on

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