15 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Nice one! Such site will surely contribute to unite Nigeria. Interms of delebration on issues of matter arising. (GOD) bless Nigeria

  2. You’re really sick, you know that?
    Most of the blogging sites like yours post stories by “Journalist” which you yourselves were not able to verify.
    Its against the ethics of journalism to publish stories which are not verifiable but what do you care? You sell computers, so when there’re no customers in you shop, you post lies!
    You copy and paste rubbish on your blogging page, You sicko!
    Sick people like you wants to portray Nigeria as a country where bizarre is normal.

  3. Ride on brother I like wat u do if most Nigerian guys are like u maybe there would av been a change, I pray may God help the country Nigeria. I pray for u too. God’s protection over u u’ll not be kidnaped neither bomb being sent to u IJN Amen. Try keep away from any parcel/letter been address to u, God will keep u.Amen

  4. Hey There,

    This year’s Lagos Women Run is in 2 categories, the Open category for runners who are 18 years old to age 44 years, and the Veteran section for runners who are 45 yrs and about.

    The winner in the Open category will get N500, 000, while the Veteran champion will get N200,000 …….

    Find out more here- http://www.yogabank.co.kr/keep/2370875

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