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When You Marry An Illiterate Woman as a Wife, You Make Stupid Decisions Like Jonathan – Wole Soyinka

Professor Wole Soyinka

An analytical piece With Prof. He has obliged to sharing this with as many Nigerians as possible. Please share this with friends and the general public.

  1. It’s No More about Subsidy Alone.
  • The American President has only TWO aircraft, our president has 9[Nine] in his fleet and was voted money recently to buy ONE more! Making it TEN!
  •  The British prime Minister has only TWO official cars, our president has 23 in his pool and only recently voted 300Million Naira to buy TWO more bullet/bomb proof ones!
  •  Senators in the US earn about $6,000 dollars monthly and that’s about what a university professor, or a director in a state department, or a doctor with 20years experience, or a teacher with 25years experience earn too, but Here in Nigeria a senator earns 245 million Naira per annum! That’s the salary of 25 vice chancellors, or 50 medical doctors, or 60 directors, or 500 school teachers!
  • The US, almost the size of Africa with about 500million people have 24 ministers, and 32 government parastatals and commisions, Nigeria has a whooping 42 cabinet ministers, and over 50[Fifty] government parastatals!
  •  America with about 500million people and more mileage to drive consumes 39million litres of petrol daily, Nigeria with 150million people 60% out of which live in remote areas, yet our government tells us we consume about 35million litres of petrol daily!

        2.     Is Subsidy Really the Problem of Nigeria?

‘When you marry an illiterate woman as a wife, you will definitely make stupid decisions like jonathan’: wole soyinka spoke!

Our Dear President GoodLuck Jonathan has become a tyrant, a shandel, a shame, he has become the No.1 Enemy of Nigeria. Is this because we, Nigeria are yet to adopt to CHANGE? Change that only Jonathan can see? The End will justify everything. Pray for Nigeria! Pray for our Beloved Country!


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181 replies on “When You Marry An Illiterate Woman as a Wife, You Make Stupid Decisions Like Jonathan – Wole Soyinka”

Dis is ridiculous, hw can one joke n taint d image n d person of Mr President, “on easy lies d head dat wears d crown” mr prof nids an orientation

How dare u indirectly say the wastefulness of our government is right by attacking one of the few bold world recognized person who speaks for the masses? Or do you think Prof is hungry and looking for a political recognition?… Face it… GEJ government is wasteful… He wants change but doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone to achieve it… Damn you sycophant david brown. Na people like you make Nigeria be as e dey now…

I believe that we are missing the point. Prof is only saying that ” Nigeria as a Country is making stupid decisions, because Nigeria (Husband) has Married a President (Wife) who is ineffective and not helping the country to make good decisions”.
THIS IS NOT PERSONAL to the GEJ and his Wife.

Does what Soyinka say have any ambiguity to warrant a ladan-like re-interpretation? Let’s face it, Mr. Soyinka’s data are intimidating, if factual, but the conclusion about a wife’s illiteracy (if she is indeed so) is a mismatch! Ore Yusuf.

Him and her wife was stupid together,because she knows way to deviate his mind to better way, but due to the money that they did not work for, let them blind that many Nigerian are under fire.

may almighty allah helps the nations and the people inside the nations this is a big lays the you peoples spend alot of money in the state and have a lot of money in bad way
may Allah put his protections in our nations
He didn’t insult anyone: He just stated a fact. Everybody knows Jonathan makes stupid decisions, and everybody knows his wife can’t speak English.

mr unade maybe the president’s wife is ur sister but let me tell u that the prof. has never insulted her rather speaking the fact. governor and mr president re all wasting our money, i think its time for revolution……………


stupid you,dont fucken be in support, prof was mild. Jonathan is a disaster to Nigeria, i never wanted him from the outset!

Prof u are absolutely and certainly right, man wake up. Fela of blessed memory in 1 of his song i quote ” that we are afraid to speak because we dont want lose our job, we get school fee 2 pay, rent and odas but 1day we most agree with him and speak. The time has come that we most speak with 1 voice or we perish

Nice analysis but can’t link the issues to Mr President’s wife, literate or illiterate. The whole system is stinking and needs an overhaul.

Prof. Pls tel them because they are all illeterate and thought we too are. They only enjoy the fruits of the country and allow the masses to keep dieing.

When you point a finger to someone, remember, three is pointing back at you. The issue of Nigerian presidents having 23 cars and 9 planes has been there before Jonathan took office. Senators making 245M naira has been in the system also before Jonathan took Office. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Blame the system that has been set up for years by the former Presidents and not Jonathan.
I agree that President Jonathan is a weak President when it comes to certain issues, but blaming his wife and calling her an illiterate, is an insult to the First family.
All we need is a solution to our problem as one Nigeria. President Jonathan need to take note that, we as one nation need to reduce funding on certain things and increase funding on other sectors to benefit the people of Nigeria as a whole. The masses are crying for help and criticism will not solve our problems.

I hate this ‘parapo’ kind of solidarity ibo people are doing. No be only us dey suffer nah. I thank God I’m a yoruba man. We were d 1st set of ppeople to shout when OBJ made his mistake. Both Jona and Dame are failures.

Mr Segun, in as much as I hate supporting anything dat is bad irrespective of who is involved , I hate it more wen people attribute oda peoples opinion to tribe. If looked at critically the yorubas have always prided demselves to being very civilised , educated and control the economy in high places. Just take a look at the business economy and where do we find ourselves. In various governmentS you people have always caused so much havoc by being in high places and making policies dat allow you indulge in all kinds of stealing and yet dat is okay by you.

Mr Olusegun, calling Igbo people is being tribalistic and who said Goodluck is Igbo in the first place? Read the Nigerian map well or make researches before coming up here to rant…. GEJ is failing Nigeria… that’s the point not which tribe….mtshewww!

CHUKWUNEDUN A. you don’t know what you are saying, why don’t you go fly a kite if you’ve got nothing to say. You mean he (Jonathan) should not make any difference because the system was laid by his Predecessors. But he is one of the most educated nigerian president, but made no difference. You should learn to call a spade spade!

I think you have missed the point.Take another look and you will see that it has nothing to do with the 1st lady’s educational background. What the Prof is trying to portray is that, the decisions the President is taking is that of a Man who is married to an unschooled wife who will cannot offer very little advice or nothing at all.
On the issue of the existing number of Cars and aeroplanes, if the President is not in favour of what he came to inherit, why not reduce them rather than adding to the number????
The statement the Prof made is very deep and needs a bit of common sense , that is all…..

You are the only person that have address the issue on ground. There is no magic way to change Nigeria over night. Insulting the first is completely on acceptable. Mr President didn’t create this mess but all the Presidents before him. He still the best candidate compare to illiterate Buhari.

have not seen where president and his vice will spend two billion naira (#2,00000000) in a year. abeg na elephant them be?

You can question whatever u want. But remember GEJ is the only president in our history that has involved women firmly in the thick of good things happening to our country – through good governance in spite of all the wicked distractions. Well done GEJ, GOD ALMIGHTY will surely bless you. And to all Nigerians, do understand the whole world is struggling…from America, Britain, Europe and others. Vote for GEJ or you Nigerians will go backwards for a long time to come. God bless Nigeria.

“on easy lies d head dat wears d crown”!!!! Davebrown, no wonder you reason the way you do. Apparently Wole soyinka should have said ” When you marry an illiterate woman you make stupid decisions and when you are illiterate you speak stupid English!” Davebrown, go and get rid of the cobwebs in your brain and start thinking clearly. You should also go back to school and update your English! You brought this on yourself. My quarrel is not with you, but with Jonathan.

Pple if nigeria shuld leave patient alone.what has speaking english got to do with d way of life?am very sure dt past nig.presidents wife were in these shoes.stella’s english was gud but obasanjo took d most stupid decisions.lets face our problems in nigeria and forget patients english pls.

Nigeria problems cut across boards but one thing is clear there is institutional failure in our country . Our in system allowed impunity and corruption lets face d fact and stop playing 2 d gallery . Our country is fast sliping into fail state. Unless we put d interest of dis country first we ar nt moving forward.

Truth be told, Jonathan is truly weak. Madam Dame is not our problem. If she likes let her twist her tongue 20times she should behave herself and remain an obedient, loving and caring HOUSE WIFE she is than disgracing herself. Jonathan must remain focused

this has nothing to do with his wife,you WOLE SOYINKA,why cant u be nigeria president so u can make a change,u jst tolking,

Mr wole, i dnt see marriage link in ds whole mata o. Did president made al these as a hubby or as a president? Sure as a pres so kindly leave dt noble lady alone. His pofolios , ministers, senators, govs nd even u shud be accused of any stupid decisions mr president might v made. U r referd to as A NOBLE , nd u publicly say mr president is an enemy of NIG. He might b urs for some hidden reasons bt he is nt NIGERIANS enemy. I tell u, wole dt if u enter dt position u ll do worse dan GOODLUCK…… Lv, protect nd pray for wht u v……

Oga prof, u saw ViO in Nigeria instead of strenghtening it, you created road safety and now you are talkig of Mr. President having blooted agencies. Is that not part of your own creation. You should not even make contributions again, just write for us, that’s your field and leave governance alone.

This Prof should go and sit down,what has he contributed to the growth of this nation and where has he been all this while?if not for the so called cultism that is riuning our youths todays.abeg make we hear better people talk and not some selfish and self ecntered human being.what makes her an illiterate and what has he done for this nation nigeria to eradicate poverty with all his literacy?

Soyinka who claim to be literate, where are you when Goodluck Jonathan contested and won election ? if it takes literates to be the best and be on top, what have your literacy done to eradicate GEJ’s failure as you claim?.
Its just to bad to tag the innocent first lady with such names, she is an illiterate but ruling you, smiles it means you failed first and all your books have nothing good to write home about.

I hate to see men ( I mean great men) engage in verbal attacks like market women. I want to believe the prof. was mis-quoted. Otherwise, the verbal outburst was careless, irresponsible and unwarranted attack on the first family of this country, Nigeria. Or could it be an early sign of dementia?

Why didn’t you post the whole interview article? I doubt if Prof. Soyinka said this rubbish to you.

I challenge you to publish verbatin, the whole interview.

I am highly disappointed with wole soyinka’s statement,if he actually said this,he is the one now sounding like an illiterate,i know that the nigerian government is a corrupt one but to blame it on the president’s wife is ridiculus. My question is ,what happens to the president’s advisers, ministers senators and others in govt. Also d state of nigeria now didnt start with jonathan,does it mean that we have had illiterates as first ladies since independence. I see soyinka’s statement as someone who is losing it .

I agree with you Ogundu G ,Nigeria’s problem didn’t start with Jonathan and his wife. The past presidents and head of states that had literate wives weren’t any better infact some were even worse. The fact that somebody didn’t have the opportunity to go to school doesn’t make the person foolish or senseless,infact there are some iliterates that are wiser and more intelligent than the literates .The problem of this nation is greed, selfishness, corruption and lawlessness on the part of the leaders and it’s citizen ,believe it or not, .It’s not what can be explained in just a page.So blaming the first lady of iliteracy is not going to help solve any of our problem…

Wole soyinka is not referring to Jonathan’s wife for Christ’s sake. he is expressing his views metaphorically. he simply means you chose the wrong people that’s why they are making bad decisions. literature at its simplest you just can’t comprehend.

I am also disappointed in Soyinka’s statement, the first lady’s educational background has nothing to do with Jonathan’s administration…..The president is trying to make a change why shouldnt we wait and see how it goes before criticizing. As for the reference to fuel consumption did he take the it into consideration that we use generators at home,schools,and business places all over Nigeria? Y is he comparing our young democratic Nigeria to countries whom gained democracy hundreds of year ago? Let’s trust our Government for once and give them the support they need!

If the above comment is by Prof Soyinka.Insulting the President’s wife on the papers of newspapers and the internet..Am sorry to say this to you Prof Soyinka, I think you are becoming very stupid with age.

The man lacks capacity to defend his credentials. He had d best of time to prepare himself for this job as lecturer, nddc director, dep gov, govnor, vice president, acting president and eventually president, but his person could not just lean from these unprecedented experience. We had voted him to change d system.

Mr martin,pls u cld defend this statement however u understand it. But a statement like this isnt expected from such men. Go back and reread the quote and tell me that it is metaphorical, wheather he wants to use metaphor or not, he shouldn’t use kitchen style metaphor. He shld used advanced style. This is metaphor is an illiterate way of using it. It sounds pettish.

Its so obvious to me dat most nigerians are blind from seeing d truth. Wole wasn’t insulting dame,he was just making a reference. I think d best thing is for us to pray for dis country bcos it is really going astray in d hands of evil. As for d prof,pls be around in every matters not only for jonathan so dat it won’t look like u are doing it for ur own personal effect. May God guide us through d right path in life. Thanks

It is an act of irresponsibility 4 a learned man like Wole Soyinka to insult d personality of Mr President.he should critcise Mr President’s policies and not his family.

It is an act of irresponsibility 4 a learned man like Wole Soyinka to insult d personality of Mr President.he should critcise Mr President’s policies and not his family.Soyinka has not contributed any thing 2 d growth of this nation.He should mind his choice of words.

Well, am 100% together with the Prof but at the same time also has the believe that Jonathan himself is as illiterate as that his wife. I wonder the kind of University he attended and got the acclaimed P.hD he’s parading to have acquired. Its just very unfortunate to realise for the first time the dumbest President ever in the history of our dear nation from the South-South despite all the democratic backings and support he’s being enjoying from his political cabals. Shame on this non-focused government and shame on PDP!!!

Wole Soyinka your a fool, To compare Nigeria with the states, All these you ve mention had been d normal order of d day,even b/4 GEJ become president,
what does a woman have on Nigeria politics,is she d special advicer?why involving her.
As an individual what impact do you have on Nigerians, you jus sell your books and bag the money,people like you in states sponsor charity organization and the less privelegde,what have you done.
They wan use you abi,

Prof shouldn’t av insulted d president like dt but i think it’s because he is actually concerned about d country’s present state. As for Mr. President nd his people up there they shuld know dt wat goes around comes around. It is d law of karma.

God’ll never change Nigeria without our staring. Our leaders need treat because they can never change by mare verbal exprestion.

this is madness by Soyinka if at all he said so. Marriage is a personal affair which has nothing to do with your style of leadership. How many digree did Soyinka’s wife earn?

Why don’t you all look into the literary meaning of the phrase, “when you marry an illiterate” before you all jump into conclusions? And you will see that Prof. Wole Soyinka was not talking about the president’s wife, he was talking about Nigeria as a whole.

The mad grey haired man was blatantly talking about someobody’s wife, somebody’s mother and of course that woman is the president’s wife….
Let’s not sugar coat it… what he did was wrong…

Why would soyinka abuse the president family, this is not fear. He should have folcause on the government not His wife. Soyinka mined ur speach we don’t like d way u present issues.

Wole soyinka has said and done so many things that are not right. First introducing cultism in his bide to fight africentrism isnt enough. What has patience got to do with Nigeria’s governmance? Abii is it Jonathan that left Nigeria in this state? What is literacy by the way? Atleast patience Jonathan is not doing plastic surgery like the ‘literate’ stella OBJ did! So lets have peace Mr Professor!!

dis is nt time 2 b arguein wt each other,d bible say can two work 2gether xcept dey agree.pple of nigeria let us join hands 2gether inrespectiv of our religions & pray 4 dis good country of our,atleast 4 30min in a day.God knw more dan al of us,dat is y we put evrythng in His hand.One thng dt certain is dis,whn God intervene in dis country,al our suferin wl b start prayin now.

what ever mr president did is right,because you people are the people vote for jonathan,so why are you started argu him? jonathan is right and we support subsidy removal.However jonathan is not arrive at stupid decision,rather those but 4him,i think is arrive at dt decision..

Bible says we should pray for our leaders not to insult them, even Soyinka has cause more harm than good to our system, all those in high place causing problem in Nigeria are all cultis and they are his products, all those supporting him will be worse than Jonathan, if being made the president of the nation, the system is bad before Jonathan get there, all thugs they used in rigging elections are cultist and soyinka is there godfather and the founder, is Jonathan the police, PHCN, NNPC? And all those causing problems there are soyinka’s products, so he should stop complaining.

Prof. You are a disgrace, your grey hair has turn to foolishness. 4getting dat there is standby electricity in U.S.A. But not so in Nigerian were generators are needed 4 private and public enterprise. I don’t blame u.

Don’t mind Prof. He is a big coward. What did he do or say when Nigeria was ruled by people who couldn’t speak English talk less of their wives e.g. Late Abacha. He ran away to hide in UK out of fear. Calm down Prof. What concerns another man’s marriage with you. If you want to abuse a man abuse him please don’t crossover to his marriage.

Infact not only dat i lyk dis piece but i also luv it. Hw can we talkin about only fuel subsidy while d mean problem is JONA and his cabinet? Naija, God will help us.

that is how God works Prof, The brothers of David were there , well learned but God choose David in place of them, so leave the man to do his part and please respect his wify.
God use the foolish things to confirm the wise

GEJ’s wife is at fault in the sense that she shld be able to assist her husband think deeply before he comes to d podium to say shit or mayb due to her illetracy and GEJs lack of support from his special advisers he makes stupid decisions…..let him go and join ya’dua

GEJ’s wife is @fault in dis issue bcoz @least she shld be able to help her husband think déeply before he comes on stage to say shit that can neva and ll neva work or mayb due to her illetracy or greediness she enters his head to say stupid tins bt watabout his special advisers are dey nt working wit him? let him go to hell

What has he (Soyinka) done to change d situation. I’m really disappointed with him. A man of his caliber coming out like dis to talk about his own president, I’m ashamed he (Soyinka) is a Nigerian.

I blame the system, and us nigerians… we deserve the leadership we have and get year in, year out… if we are tired, why dont we do something about it, instead of talking too much grammar on the internet??? we know how to complain, but when it comes time to act, we have excuses…

how many of u here voted at the last election??? how many of u have taken time to go to ur communities and educate people on the value of the votes, and to use it for the right person??? nigeria can only be changed from the grassroots, and not at the federal level because our problems are deeply rooted… as usual, we are just generally lazy, sitting down and waiting for mana to full from the sky… it will not happen… God only helps those who help themselves…

Most of u making noise here will behave like them when u get the opportunity… rubbish… we are not ready for a good leader yet… we are getting there though…

All of u commending the Prof for his comment should know that your leader is a reflection of the lead…if our president makes stupid decisions, then it means that we also make stupid decisions… when are we going to start making the right decisions???

Like it has been said before, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!!!!

Our country Nigeria needs divine intervention blaming one another or d president WȊ̝̊̅ℓℓ not solve our numerous problems so help us Lord

May God help us in dis country where selfishness,corruption,nepotism,embezlement and many to mention is big men day to day activities.

Well said prof, we need vocal pple like u change the system of our govt.
Because the president has dash all the hope of the poor masses.
Somebody should remind him were he came from.

Well,as far as am concern,as a citezen of my beloved country(Nigeria),the only lasting solution to the critical and present situation in Nigeria is just MILITRY INTERVENTION,cos what is left 4 Jonathan now is just to bury Nigerians alive.And to my fellow peace loving Nigerians,should please excercise patience to the present situation,bcos to every hardship,there is an ease.And for Jonathan, I bliv your end result will be Worse than that of Libian Ex-President(GHADDAFI) God grace and I PRAY so.Just keep waiting…

Our unfortunate leaders take advantage of the calculated situation they put us which ignorance,poverty,fear of everything,lack of confidence and lots more. We must believe in who we really are and what nigeria is all about in order to make progress nd make our country a better home. The executive,legislatures nd our judiciary are not fit to be leaders. To me there are society of one giant enemy of nigeria who does not think of anybody but themselves.

if u want to accuse jona fr failures, u hv the right to do that. but attributing it to his wife is not a matured idea because thats his personal affairs. illiterate or literate wife is his bussiness.let s restrict our comments within limit.

our prof should know that the literates, not the illiterates are d ones killing nigeria.the elites are the problems of this country,they killed railway,nigerian airways,nitel, nepa,nnpc, subsidy etc.pls everybody should know that jonathan got what he could afford,control,care for,responsible for when he married his lov,he was nobody then.i thank god for them today,pls leave them alone,if u believe u can do better,test ur popularity against him in 2015,dele momodu has done d same,it goes beyound grammar.

I think this time the prof has made a mistake. Being uneducated and being stupid are two different issues.
You are naturally intelligent and any fool with determination can achieve education
Sorry Prof, you are my idol bot this time I beg to differ

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These are age-long bad Nigeria traditions which were not created or started by Jonathan led government, I’m not a Jonathan fan though.

Wole Soyinka NEVER said this. This is false and you are spreading lies. This comment was posted on Twitter by someone going by the handle @wolesoyinka. Please stop spreading lies.

I tink all of u castigating prof are ill in d head, if not a 1st lady dat doesn’t just got into dat position over night, at least he shld ve gotn a teacher for herself wen she was still d wife of a deputy govenor, from dia to a state 1st lady, later d vice president wife b4, now she’s a country 1st lady. Don’t u all know she rather keep quiet at d comfort of his husband home dan to ridicule her self, who sent her msg? Is she d president? A 1st lady dat can slap a minister,don’t u know she’s just getn herself unpopularly popular by messing up his husband indirectly. A councillor wife must not come out & speak dos blunders a president wife is speakn in public. Moreso what’s her business in government.

This is so poorly written it’s disgusting. First of, the US does not have about 500m people you damn idiot. If you can’t even confirm simple facts like that, you have no business writing anything that will be made public.

Jonathan is trying, wateva he does now does not count to me, let der be peace 1st, let all dez boko stuff be put in place 1st, den we will knw if actually he’s thinking straight a̶̲̥̅̊ñ̷̊D̶̲̥̅̊ making good or stupid decisions or not. Pray 4 him instead of talking rubbish, mchww.

Mr.President is my place there is this saying”a leader is like a dusbing where every body collects & dump there refuge”.it’ll be unfair to say Jonathan has nothing positive,despite his my candid opinion,Nigerians,we need attitudinal change.God so loved & blessed our country,let us unite & pray to God 4 mercy so that we together will make our country a better place.

The only problem i have with prof is, he narrows it to Nigeria, Africa is one big country being governed by a bunch of idiots, period. if not why all the similarities all over Africa, it is no different here in Ghana. we are like twin countries, with a lot in common. Africa is the only place where common sense does not play in decision making.

first i’ll av to say i’m neutral. I support no one. Jonathan’s wife inability xpress herself in english is nae of my business provided i cn comprehend ha anytym she speaks, after all english no be ha mama tongue. She’s tryin. Again i want u to knw that i concord with most of ur points as wel as other pple who spoke wel. But d cardinal issue here is,,, y is he tryin to acquire more? Y wud one person be earnin such huge amount of money? U wil acquiesce me when i say th@ the money has alwayz increase frm d past admnstratn to d present. Y? Isn’t there gonna b som1 to ameliorate ol of d@? Y av things deteriorated instead of odawiz? Isn’t it dismal? Do knw th@ so many goverment owned companies/organizations were mostly privatised in dix administration? Ok, let assume it was intended for efficiency as claimed but had there bn any change eva since??? Pls for GOD sake, we need change. Let GEJ giv way for oda aspirants. May GOD opt a suitable leader for us irrespective of where he hails frm nd his religion……. Amen!

leaders don’t want to lower their dignity and by not lowering theirs they weaken the rates of employment due to luck of money used by them.

Obviously the prof cud’nt ‘ve writen dis. First the facts stated are very wrong.
1. USA 2015 estimated population is 320,206,000 while d writer kept saying US has a population of over 500 million. Sorry please are u adding canada, mexico honduras and bahamas to USA.
2. The US and china are among the highest consumers of petrol. At a time 2 yrs ago it was said US consume about 65 million litres per day. So am not too sure u know what u’re saying especially when u are wrongly adding almost 200 million to their population
3. What u proposed as d salary for senators as been the same for directors, medical doctors bla bla blah is not true. This I knw cos my friend is a senior neuro surgeon in d US.
Jonathan no doubt is a big time failure but pls try and get ur facts right and stop draging names of honourable men like soyinka into things dey may not have said. Do u really think APC with tinubu and Amaechi will reduce the number of federal cabinet members? I pity u. Those guys are worse as long as 95% of dem are ex pdp members. It’s only foolish Nigerians dat will call dem saints bcos dey crossed carpet.

These figures in this write up are not correct it is all lies . The US salaries and population as written here are fake.

Wole Soyinka, you should stop being irresponsible as you were when you were the head of Vikings, a cult group ….you were a cultist at the university of Ibadan and dont think we have forgotten your roots. Who gave you the guts to open your mouth and talk about another person’s wife? Is it even cultured to abuse a woman, not to talk of the wife of the president and in public? Who does that? Pls take a good look at yourself , you look like a wild mad man who has lived in the bush for more than 20 years….just look at your hair and face…. so saying that Jonathan is worse than Nebuchadnezzar is quite a joke. You think you can bully your way into Aso Rock? Irresponsible man. If you dont know what to do with the Nobel Laurette you were given, then you are better off staying in your home quietly and healing from cancer pls. You say Mrs Jonathan is an illiterate…since you married an educated woman, I wonder why she hasnt influenced you to behave properly or isnt politeness the first trait educated people should have???

calm down, you almost spoke well but shouldn’t have included the cancer part. I feel age is affecting Prof Wole Soyinka, he was never like this and i would like to remind you that when one gets to a certain age, u must ignore some irregular things.

Please my dear, read in between the lines. Someone is trying to use the professor to log head with GEJ’s men. Be careful and understand bf u comment. I greet o. Na Oleburuku dey talk.

Jonatus and patience are just unfortunate to be in their current positions. I think they deserve to be primary school gatemen and pepper seller combo. They would have performed very well in such a rightful position

Prof. i strongly agree wit and he who refuse to change is refusing to progress . mind u the only thing that is constant is change.

There are illiterate women who love justice and Nigeria. It is not right to judge all illiterate women based on one illiterate woman.

Prof spoke well but he has no business calling someone else’s wife illiterate, that’s disrespectful. He has his choice, he married who he loves and as much as he’s total failure, you’ve got go respect his family.

Do not use the professor’s comments as a cover to perpetuate the evil of introducing a RULER. The professor do not want a RULER who cannot apologize to Nigerians when he has offended them. We are wise now. Don’t use him as your bait. I greet o.

I Θõn̶̲̥̅̊’† agree Ƭh̶̲̥̅̊a† been illitrate Is d problem of jonathan. She Just lack wisdom and h̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅s̶̲̥̅̊ no vition @ll. She Just doesn’t exibit a character of a vitious woman. S̶̲̥̅o many ilitrate women h̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅s̶̲̥̅̊ raise up leaders. She Just not a sensible woman dat all

Are they not the same people that say subsidy is a fraud is calling for subsidy now Nigeriams wake up from your slumb

Our honorable PROFF was not trying to insult Jonnathan in specific, he was jst critising the regime as for then so I don’t see the reason we contracdict his statement. Let’s always speak the truth Jonna has done harm than good to us. Jonna tenure was the worst I have ever seen and heard on earth because there was rampand corruption. Though we enjoy his regime but he lack liable cabinet.

I beg to disagree on Wole Soyinka’s outrage. Enough is enough. If he doesn’t have anything to say, he should just shut up. Is GEJ the only gullible of all offences. Please as BMB use to say we should vapply commonsense in our disscourse. What about the introduction of Seadog into our system. Cult is cult. Nothing more than that. WS is a cultist. Chikena.

And if you allow an illiterate; whom you know will make stupid decisions to govern you. You are an idiot hiding behind education!

And who said Jonathan is my enemy,soyinka because u hate Jonathan,does not mean we all hate him,he is only human,and an imperfect one at that,if you were the president, your mistakes would be countless,so stop judging,who made u the judge, #rethoricalquestion

Soyinka u should understand that it is impossible for something to completely change without a process na or you think its by speaking grammar that would make nigeria change overnight you come and RULE!

This old man,your brain power is eluding you.iam not surprised at your statement,if only the former president knew he would have celebrated your birthday party just as Amaechi did to earn your praise.

Yah u said it all baba soinka. Dats stupid president and worst we eva hav in nigeria, we pray we shld nt see his type again in our dear country naija by God grace. Amen.

I don’t think Jonathan has to take all the responsebility of unabling to performed some of his duties,and soyinka statement lack Jonathan was a president no mater how.

In sooth, the professor’s faculty of reasoning is extremely beneficial to the wise Nigerians. Bravo, I said to professor’s wordings.

“Above all else, guard your affections, for they influence everything else in your life.”
Proverb 4:23

Daddy ore, prof Soyinka’s statement is facts it’s not mismatch at all,
silence may mean so much on the side of the former first lady instead of bringing ridicule to that seat of office.

Am totally disappointed in him n there is one good thing about Gej, he knows how to make such people looks foolish by keeping silent, and those who are saying that the Prof was right no longer sees anything good in respecting the person n the office of the President n commander in chief. No problem, becos they all have conspired and do these against Gej, they with will live compare change that has been preached.

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