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37 Years After Dying, Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass Appears in Abeokuta

Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass

Barely a week after a child was reportedly born with Islamic rosary, (Tesbaha) in Sagamu, Ogun State, another amazing  event was recorded in the ancient town of Abeokuta, as a man that was believed to have died about four decades ago was sighted at Mawuko area of Odeda local government, Ogun State.

The appearance of late Sheikh Ibraheem Nyaas at a newly constructed building in the area has continued to attract visitors both within and outside the State since the unusual event occurred few days ago.

Investigation by Leadership Sunday confirmed that last week Friday, the ghost of sheikh Ibraheem who had died for almost 37 years ago started appearing on the walls of a building belonging to one Saubana Fadeyi.

Expectedly, the strange happening has turned the sleepy Mawuko village into a Mecca of sorts as people thronged the area to see another oddity and seek the face of Allah.

The owner of the building who moved into the yet to be completed two bedroom flat a day to the eid el fitri celebration while speaking with LEADERSHIP SUNDAY confirmed that he started noticing a very faint brightness on the wall of his sitting room and the figure that showed on that wall was a replica of the portrait of Sheikh Nyass that he engraved at the entrance of the building.

His words: “My wife first noticed it and she rushed out to inform me, when I also saw it, I was greatly terified, wondering how such thing could have happened”.

“My thought was that the ghost would eventually disappeaed but on the second day, it brightenes more and started showing on all sides of the building which made me ran to a pastor of a church near my house for assistance”. Collaborating the husband, Mrs Maryam Fadeyi  said that when she saw that the happening was a strange thing, I told my husband to inform those that knows better than us, it was then we called on an Imam at a nearby mosque after the Pastor that we invited had adviced that we seek for help from muslim clerics to solve the misery”.

Fadeyi said that he immediately invited some Muslim clerics in the area to come and behold the strange happenings in his house”

Fadeyi said, “the shout of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) rented the air as hundreds of people trooped in to behold what happened”.

via Leadership Newspapers

By Muhammad Lawal

I just dey like Dele

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This is stupidity of the highest order! Its the peak of Bid’ah and serious fabrication.Islam is against all such voodish practices.why should the man called a pastor knowing fully that he is a muslim??? That raises more questions than answers on the faith of Mr fadeyi

It is even more worse of. You to conclude without investigation that it is voodoo and bid’ah and most wrong of you to insult a fellow muslim

welcome by such. Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil amee says:
June 26, 2013 at 7:20 am

Sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is Gaosu and anyone that UNDERSTAND THE WORD,appearing of sheikh (rta) will always welcome by such. Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil ameen.

When did Allah said that? Better don’t call for the havoc of Allah on you!! Ibrahim kaolak died some years back! How did his name got to Qur’an or hadith? Pls I need the Qur’an verse nd chapter, perhaps you can tell me the hadith!

sani uare the worst bidia’ah bcs u are ignorant of such incdent, you don’t believe on a Qur’an verse that says “Allahh ina auliyahllah laa haufu alaihim walahum yahzanuun”

salamu alaeka bro zikirulahi Allah a.j says in the holly Qur’an ask who are always remember of Allah if you are not know. and more so appeared of sheikh not shirk, it is one of great sign from Allah bcos sheikh says that my image will soon appear then people would be able to remembering Allah and, praising HE (ALLAH). FROM USTAZ DAUD TIJANI SHAKI 08080847065,08056968574


A gift from ALLAH it comes as a bless and favour to humanity and exactly having the love of sheikh ibrahima inyass is overall blessing to anyone who feel that love in his heart, because it’s the kind of love that gives you a peace of mind and keep you closer to our humble and responsible prophet MUHAMMADUL RASULILLAHI SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM.
Maulanmu sheikh ibrahima inyass said that if you love me just love me for a single reason, here is the reason; he said love me just because I love habibullahi, shafi’ullahi, aminullahi, karimullahi, al-sayyadina wa nabiyuna wa imamuna abban zahra, the first and last prophet MUHAMMADUL RASULILLAHI SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM

The appearance of sheikh. Ibrahim anywhere in the world is not a new phenomenon and should not be taken by any right thinking muslim as bid’ah or shriik .Allah does as He pleases

Those that speaks wrongly about Shiekh Ibrahim Nyass are weak in Islamic knowledge and does not know Allah.

Allah kenan is wat god hv whsh 2 hpng so we hv knting 2 say apart 4rm allahu akbar allah mai girma ;;;;;

This sign does not required anybody to bring money or to be worshiping Sheik Ibrahim Nyas. Let us caussion our words. Allah Ahlam.

Allahu Akbar fi kuli Zaman. Fa fi kuli Shaehin lahu Hayatun.
Tadulu Ala Anahu li Wahidun.
Well may Allah lead us to the right path. That means Allah speaks well in Suratul Fatha.

(Bisimilahi ramoni roimi)salika likitabu lariebafi udan lilimutekinah, belif in wat u don’t see al quran and so belif in ulamohu warasati lianbiyahi.shelkh ibrahim

A time is comming we that belive in sheikh ibrahim and those that don’t belive in him both the cristians and pegan or where ever you belong to if there is not a picture of shikh ibrahim inyas besides him shall soffer from jin insha allah.

salam alaykum, pls let us not criticize ourselves about religion issues, for who to do dat is Allah (subhannahu wa ta ‘aala). May Allah guide us to d ryt path. Ameen

Alliamdulilah, d appearance of Sheik Ibrahim Nyass is not a shirk my bros in Islam, that was nt d first place Sheik Ibrahim appeared, it happen in Lagos as well. This is just to tell u Allah is ever great and Islam is d only way. Please dont miscontrue his appearance. Maolana sheik Ibrahim is mord than that.

2 Things involved to all living,

One: God is most high and only deserved to be worship and no any other thing

Two: U must also believe the most highest Prophet Mohammed (SAW), The Messenger of GOD

Plz bros $ Sist don’t commit sins for yourselves

Jah love , clean heart is the answer to the 2 the things involved. @100%

May Jah (GOD) have mercy on us and guide us to the right path…..Amen

4 those who use ghost 2 described d appearance of maulana dat is an abberation and dad is not dead ok.may subhuana watahalla 4give u.maulana existence is beyond any one knowledge.only Allah knows and his visit 2 all’s mind ur speech.maa salam

The appearance shows that Sheik Ibroheem Nyass is not just a person, but someone to proud of in Islam.
Love U Baramah Nyass.

Abd Warith.
from Medinatu Shaki

The appearance shows that Sheik Ibroheem Nyass is not just a person, but someone to proud of in Islam.
Love U Baramah Nyass.

my sure nyass,my happiness of existence,my ever love,the only person who brings everlasting happiness to ones life,since youre in love with him,because if you dont love nyass you cant be loved by God,but with my nyass’s love your’e a beloved being,NYASS OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

My fellow brother in Islam. Your believe negate Islamic teaching for without Rassolulah, where will Sheik Ibrahim will be. Fear Allah and the day of judgement for if you should die with this believe, hell await you. Allahu alam.

dear brother Mikhail O.Y……i think is good we argue, debate, share opinion and advise ourselves. but is wrong to conclude and judge that HELL is awaiting somebody who profess LAILAHAILAALLAHU

It is not your making or power that you are in this blessed Tariqah and that you love Sheikh Ibrahim (RA). It is Allah that made it so. Pray Allah to keep and preserve you in the Tariqah like i pray for myself too.

hussein. Pls..! Nd pls…! Don’t call. Muslim mushrk. After all d distressed suffered by prophet muh’d s.a.w nd hs companions 2 mk kafr 2 accept islam.

Please stop talking about what you don’t know, have you forgotten the word of prophet Muhammed (SAW) that says” Laizal khabar, kalmuhayanat”. An if you read about Khidirr during the time of prohet Musa (AS) in the holy Quran you will know that There are lots behind the seen. Pls. think before you talk.

Pls we hav reached a stage in life where we should not just sit for others to tell us what to think and believe… Its high time we searched for authentic knowledge by reading good books which present lasting logic! We should not just accept issues because they appear convincing!

This does not mean that people should turn the place to a place of worship because that is shirk. The appearance may be the handiwork of shaytan because he has vowed to be misleading people away from the worship of Allah the true God to the worship of created things. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has said that shaytan can take the image of anyone except him, so we must beware!!!

Sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is Gaosu and anyone that UNDERSTAND THE WORD,appearing of sheikh will always welcome by such. Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil ameesays:

Sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is Gaosu and anyone that UNDERSTAND THE WORD,appearing of sheikh (rta) will always welcome by such. Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil ameen.

Even if kitab appears in there hand they will not believ. Pls leave them cos they ain’t qualify to criticise.there eyes ar obstruct.

my view is that BABA NYASS cannot leave us like that and those that see such sign of GOD and they stil not believe, GOD HIMSELF has been covered their eyes with

The greatest blessing god has gave me is to be a Muslim and to be a therikati tijaniya wa ibrahimiya.leave the unbelievers bcos if they all believe,then god has lied to say inane lezina kafarun sawa un aleihim anzartahum amlamtunzirhum la yuminun

If they all believe in him equally god lied to say innalezina kafarun sawa un aleihim anzartahum am lam tunzirhum la yuminun,again sumun bukumun umyum fahum layarjiun.sheikh ibrahim the eyez of man justice is more than what they think of

I have understand and be with sheikh ibrahim in several occasions before i became ahlal therikatul tijaniya wa ibrahimiya if you take good look at him,you will see prophet Muhammad s.a.w no one can attain this knowledge except those that attain the blessing of almighty allah s.w.t

Another image of this sheikh and jamiu bulala also apear in a wall of a mosque @ owode area along ikorodu road,checkpoint busstop today.allahu akbar

What did their appearance did to your believe? We all speak about Allah’s power to do whatever HE wants. did you forget that the same Allah gave SHAITAN the same priviledge in order to dislocate peoples believe in the right cause.Let us all hold onto the believe as passed down by the Prophet and leave that we are not sure of like the issue in question (appearing of dead people)

Glory be to Almighty Allah The Most Beneficent The Merciful. Appearing of Sheik Ibrahim Niyas and Sheik Jamiu Bulala is true in owode Onirin area of Lagos State

She saw a jin, not SHAIKH IBRAHEEM NIYAS. Infact she needs rukhia, she is been possessed by jin. Non on the surface of the heart can claim to be righteous or to be a better Mu’min /”sufi” than the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions. they never never claimed such, nor thought that. She and other other with such claim, need an urgent rukhia to be freed from the possession of the jin.

WHY ARE PEOPLE BRAIN WASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In light of the absolutely clear guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah, there is absolutely no such thing as ghosts! The only beings whom Allah has created who have the choice to do good and evil as he wills are the human beings and the jinns. Ghosts are nothing but the imaginations, whims, conjectures and guess-works of the ignorant people!
In light of the absolutely clear guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah, no soul or spirit of the deceased can escape the clutches of the Angels of Allah, nor do the Angels of Allah set them free to go about and ‘haunt’ whom they will!!!!!
The souls of the deceased are secured by the Angels of Allah and are placed in a place called the ‘Barzakh’; neither can the soul of the deceased leave this secured place, nor can they come down to earth, nor do they have the power to interact with any human beings or jinns from ‘Barzakh’!
Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 23 Muminoon verses 99-100:
99 (In Falsehood will they be) until when death comes to one of them he says: “O my Lord! send me back (to life)
100 In order that I may work righteousness in the things I neglected.” By no means! It is but a word he says; before them is a ‘Barzakh’ (Veil or Partition) till the Day they are raised up.
In light of the above clear guidance of the Glorious Quran, the souls of the deceased will remain in the Barzakh till the Lord Creator, Glorified and Exalted is He, Decrees to raise them up on the Day of Judgment.

Like the human race, the Jinns are a creation of Allah. They are born; they die, and spend their lives similar to ours in a sphere of their own. They have their own sets of trials and tribulations, worries and happiness, pain and relief, obedience and dis-obedience to Allah, etc. like the human beings. They too have a ‘free will’ to choose between obedience and dis-obedience, right and wrong, Truth and falsehood; and they too will be gathered by Allah on the Day of Judgment to give a full accounting of their deeds.

They are a distinct creation from the human race, and the human beings and jinns have very little or no real interaction between each other.
Keep your belief firm and steadfast in your Lord All-Powerful and whenever you sense this futile effort of the accursed SHAYTAAN trying to instill some mischief, immediately turn to your Lord and seek refuge in Him Alone; it is expected that your Lord Most Merciful will guard you and your family with His Protection and Mercy.
The incessant occurrence of Sheik Ibrahim Niass, Jamiu Bulala and Ahmada Tijani anywhere in the world is SHAYTAAN way of destroying people’s faith in Allah… Your been a Muslim which you have been building for over the years that have never guarantee your heaven is now toy with by the Accursed SHAYTAAN. I can still see some ill- Muslims bowing down for the image when Quran says
“And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not bow down (prostrate) to the sun nor to the moon, but only bow down (prostrate) to “Allah” Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.” [Quran 41:37]
taking water to the image and start doing a lot of BIDAH things

May our shiek rest in peace.our shiek is such a wornderful man.a naration from our late shieh idrisu salaga, may he also rest in peace said,one of my student every night his azkar (zikir)is shiehu ibrahim,shiehu ibrahim antil he be come aslep,one day he did that and later i herd a deep vioce saying asalamu aliaka, asalamu aliaka.i come out and i sow a old man stand on besid the boy ,and i greated an he siad i herd a call and i came to her that of the call and when i came he was aslep, so am given my massege to you . May allah grant us in his mercy ameeeeeeeeen

May Allah help those that prophet mohamme s.a.w and shehu tijjani rta Amin God blss u,we love shehu nyass and the rest sheiks

sheik Ibrahim niyass is real if u dnt know, ur negative comment can’t change me or God decision, “innae haoliyahi lahaofu alehin walahun yasanu” that is how they did not believe prophet Muhammad rosullulahi. (S W A) till he left. I can only pray that MAY GOD PUT ME WHERE HE (ALLAH) KEPT THOSE WHO LOVE SHEIKH IBRAHIM AND HIS FOLLOWER. AMEN and PUT YOU & THOSE WHO AGAINST SHEIK IBRAHIM IN THE OPPOSITE. SAY AMEN IF YOU SURE OF URSEF. MAA- SALAM

What i have noticed in this present generation of majority of muslims is IGNORANCE IN SHARI’A.This does not mean that people should turn the place to a place of worship because that is shirk. The appearance may be the handiwork of shaytan because he has vowed to be misleading people away from the worship of Allah the true God to the worship of created things. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has said that shaytan can take the image of anyone except him, so we must beware!!!

wat can i say, if nt alhamdullilah.ALLAHU AKBAR. O shiek, for u love d prophet mre dan urself,so also do we love u mre dan ourself. We love u baye inyass

dear brothers please dont talk ill of this man (alhaji sheilk ibrahim niyas ibn abdullah). he spent his whole live doning sunnah of prophet muhammad. he converted many hundreds thousands souls to islam directly and many indirectly. he He was member of Muslim World League (Rabitat al-‘Alam al-Islami based in Saudi Arabia) of which he served as Vice President, he was members of other Islamic organizations like the Islamic Research Assembly (Majma’ al-Buhuth al-Islamiyya; Egypt) , the High Council of Islamic Affairs (Majlis al-‘Ala li al-Shu’un al-Islamiyya; Egypt) etc . He became widely known as “Shaykh al-Islam” after having led the Jumah prayers (the khutbat and salat) in the prestigious Al-Azhar University’s mosque Cairo in 1961. if you dont know or you are not agree with mujisa / misery about him, it is better you keep silent. he loves rasulullah s.a.w. so musch. his love for Rasulullah s.a.w. is uncomparable.. from his time till now, i have not see or hear that somebody loves prophet muhammed as sheilk l islam does. …prophet muhammed, all other prophets, auliyallah (saints) are to be loved, and not to be worshiped… 07033072682

The appearance of Baba Sheik Ibrahim Niyass,Sheik Jamiu Bulala at the mosque at Owode along Ikorodu road,checkpoint bus-stop in Lagos also brought into limelight a student and also a disciple of Gaousul Somdaani and Faridu l asr(Sheik l Islam)named Baba Sheik Nuru Hakeem who appeared from the heart of Sheik Ibrahim at same venue.Baba Nuru Hakeem lived a very reserved but fufilled life and the few muriidis who lived very closely with him were not amazed of this action.

Sheikh is been choosen by god almighty no eye shld argue wit d risen of d sun except d bind ones that cannot see

welcome by such. Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil amee says:
June 26, 2013 at 7:20 am

Sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is Gaosu and anyone that UNDERSTAND THE WORD,appearing of sheikh (rta) will always welcome by such. Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil ameen.

There are some set of people whose works are to criticise waliyu Allah. Pl . remember the hadith of prophet which says that ” anybody who says wrong world to my friends, such person should prepare himself for war with Allah. May Allah guide us.

May Allah spear our lives.Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass is dead whoever is dead cannot be alive/appear anymore,or the person QAREEM apears.that is tha same thing that happen to NIYASS in AbeokutaMay Allah spear our lives.Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass is dead whoever is dead cannot be alive/appear anymore,or the person QAREEM apears.that is tha same thing that happen to NIYASS in AbeokutaMay Allah

Allah is great,
He shows many sigh to let peoples know how is great.
He sent many prophet to let people know about his mighty.
After prophet mohamed(SAW) no nabby again.
There many Hulamou in which Seik Ibrahim(RTD) is the Gaosul of them.
He is special among them with mujisat and he has change a lot of peoples life through out the world.

how could a man who died three decade came back?question what does he came with?if he came back with a view to tell us something why not sent those who came before him,like imam albukhary,muslim including imam malik.

That is pure illusion. They didn’t see his image. What happened was that they perceived his image because he promised so. If you’re of any fucking sect in islam, just know that you’re misleading yourself ’cause sects are the direct opposite of the word ‘islam’ which is peace. Don’t be a suffi, salafi, shi’a and whatever, just be a muslim. May Allah guide us, all.

I pray that my brothers and sisters experience the grace,love and forgivenesss of Jesus is the most blissful thing that can ever happen to a human being.insult me all u want but i leave you all with 3 words…JESUS LOVES YOU

This is to tell everyone dat sheikh Al-islam is nt dead bt laid hand off his work on earth and whosoever follow his path shall never die. Dont question d doing of Allah for he knows wat u dont know. Allahu Akbar kabira

Alhamdulillah,I feel enliated with the news of Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse appearing on anything in this world of ours because of who Shehu is and also on the otherhand feel amazed with the degree of ignorance others exhibit in that regards.
Pls refer to the story of Suratul Baqara on what it teaches people at the time of prophet Musa (as) and also that of Nabbiy Uzzairu or even Yunus episode.All these are qudratullah that did it before and at this blessful time of the seal of a prophets Sayyadina Muhammad (saw).

yaa sheik ibrahim u are living ever with ur God and HE said it also that dont ever say that those that dead in the way of Allah are but dey are ever living with their God.

and for those that doesnt believe this, or be saying our sheik appearance was jinn should shut up their mouth. because almighty Allah says. you should try to ask those that known if you dont know. and if truly u are defending THEE just try to do what HE said.

upon hearing or seeing dis blessed incident, say ALLAHU AKBAR and den dis to our beloved prophet.,. Allahumma suali alaa sayyidinaa Mohammed alfaatihi limaa uglika walhaatimilimaa sabaka nasiril hakki bil hakki walhaadi ilaa siratikal mustakeem wa alaa aalihi hakkan kadrihi wa mikdarihil azeem. U will surelly receive de full weight of de blessing.Yaa Maulana Sheick Alhaji Imam Ibrahima Nyass Gausu zamani Waliyyullah.

Those that are saying negative words about the appearance of Sheikh are those who have no knowledge of islam,because the appearance of Sheikh is just a miracleous sign from Almighty Allah implies and reminding us about the day of judgment may Allah save us from this if u belief fine if u don’t stop abussive term ma salam

those who are saying negative word about the appearance of Sheikh are the ignorance ones in islam,absolutely the appearance of Sheikh is a typical sign of day of ressurection from Almighty Allah.For those that belief fine but for those that are not belief stop saying abussive word to the man of an esteemed high

Subhanallah.. you are comiting shirk and saying another person is doing that. U dont belief in what Allah has made. Allah made sheikh ibrahim what He is to guild us despite all the karamoh u still beleive nd despie all the sign show to us by Allah u still dont believe or are we the one dat went to project his pictures on every where he is appearing?? Its only Allah that can guild you and you blocked heart. Jst keep reciting suratul fatiha 4 God to guild you

Alayhi solatullahi thumo salamuhu , yutimmu li barhhamoo hakiiiru wasoooluhhu. I love you maolana

The appearing of sheik ibrahim nyass image cannot be describes as after his death he appears. among is what God is able to do as he wishes, anytime & anywhere. follow the practice of DARIKA and be save.

lakun dinu kun waliyedin pls dnt George ent body if sheikh Ibrahim is wording ur mind raise ur father in ur family either u see aombody dat would follow u

Its obvious dat muslims dat r against Baye Niasse R.T.A r same as d christians who turn against d apostle of Muhammad S.A.W if not hw can u turn against someone dat love Muhammad S.A.W to any length if anyone says Niasse R.T.A can’t reappear is like saying dat God Almighty works is limited. Niasse R.T.A dat fight jihad all over the world without sharing blood, He loves Prophet S.A.W Dat Allah himself and his angels are offering salat for in the Glorious Quran to the extend dat he turns another thing why wont Allah be showing him everywhere because he loves who Allah love so much dat his skin is been burn with d love and whoever is against Niasse R.T.A is like against God. Everybody knows dat Niasse R.T.A is a wali of Allah is just dat satan is manipulating our mind not to believe d truth of reality.

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful
oh brothers and sisters in Islam lets turn to the sunnah of the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him for that’s the only way to success and that we dont be among those who refuse. the truth is clear lets shun all forms of innovated practices and beliefs. Beware of the tricks of shaitaan!.
ask your self what you practice as islam was it done by the prophet had the prophet been alive would he have joined you in its practice for the deen of Allah never changes its complete and has been perfected

bismillahi rahman rohim
Wallahi talahi MOULANA SHK IBRAHIM INYASS (r.t.a) is a man of truthness (also his is a man of (GOD) and he has do alot to develope dis islamic religion and who ever follow him will enter paradise wit d blessing of shk Ibrahim and shk Ahmad tijjanni (r.t.a) i advice all of u dat is enemy of Tijjanniyya to apologise so dat u can enter paradise witout any little stress may God guide us to d right part AMIN.

Believe you me-mortal man; that mysteries are clandestinely, supernaturally and tracendentally interwoven in God-Almighty to whom alone is mystery himself. Therefore, such necromancy-of reincarnation however mysterious and divinely it may seem makes no difference of the power of satan.

Allahu Akbar. Who really knows Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass ?. The one who knows him is Allah n rasoolul-lah (saw). This era belongs to him. In case u r not a where, he is the grandson of the Holy Prophet (saw). U can verify if u r not content. I pray that Allah grant us his love. Ameen summa ameen

Having love of sheikh ibrahim niyans (rta) is a great and special gift from Allah (swt) take it or leave it. Alhamdulillah robil ameen..shaik said,: I choose and prefer the love of the Chosen One—al Mustafa—over the love of
anyone else, though they be Umm Kulthum or Maryam.2
. I swear by Allah! There is no room or space in my heart for anyone but him, for (my
heart) knows none but the Messenger of Allah.

Shikh Inyass is a great teacher, apart from religon matters i have read some of Inyass books and there are very educative, he was strenght in his teachings no discrimination he is a father to all.
I am not an islam but i know that islam cannot produce such a great islamic father like Inyass again.


May Allah bless every one of you people who comment and believe on sheikh ibrahim nyass.Except the disbelievers.May Allah guide us to the right path. By Medjida Issah


Aismaeel2011 says:Glory be to ALLAH The Almighty .Some people will never believe until they face a perishable punishment. SHEIKH IBRAHEEMN NIYASS (RTA) The only black man race messenger ignored by his fellow men !!!!!!!May ALLAH in his eternal mercy guide and safe us from these people fighting for (General Overseer of Destiny)GOD who said in his book that he is(SOOHIR)Visible (BAATIN)Invisible,and said he is one!!!! Can one object be in two places at a time??? Let’s stop cracking our brain on this issue,and let us all have total submission to the will of the greatest (G……O……D)of the whole world. Ma Salaam

Audhubillah ya subhanallah.
ya aiyuhal muslimun.
kuna ganin yadda wasu mutane ke rikar wasu mutabe mutane kamar ababen bauta?
In my beliefs, a person that believes that the so called inyass was sighted on a wall should go to his doctor for medical check-up.
Infact those people are using a projector from a far distance and they will light it on the wall and they will say shehu has appear.-Who is shehu inyass? what is his position apart from a human being and a servant of allah? iam sure he is not above this position.
A nan zan dakata saboda zan iya cika shafin nan da raddi ga yan shehu( tijjaniyya).
Iam anas idris from kano state.
Dont be surprise if i say iam just fifteen years old……..
Kuma hakane.

DAN UWARKA KA FITO DA HOTON BABAN KA MU GA KO AKWAI WAN DA ZAI BI SHI BANZA DAKIKI KAJE KA NE MI ILIMI KA FIN KA CE ZAKAYI MAGANA A KAN WANNAN AL’AMARI WANNAN ZAN CE NE NA MASU ILIMI BA KOWANI JAHILI ZAIZO YANA SA BAKIN JABAR SABA. ALLAH ya taimake ka ban ga wannan abun dawuri ba da sai na fada maka haihuwar uwarka. da kai da sauran wayan da ku ke takamar ce ku ahlussunna ko to da lallai da kunji magana. ko ni bazaku nunamin bin sunna ba amma dai ba zan ga laifinku ba do min ba kwa karatu ne. ku je kune mi sannin addinin ku. Allah ya shirya. ameen.

am not surprise if you said you are 15 years, I will only be surprise if your grandfather is a muslim. secondly with your years I wont put a blame on u. after all I have a boy of 6years who can sit you down and impact more knowledge in you. ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE

Thanks be to God dat we are walkn 2wards d ryt path. dnt insult d apearance of sheikh Ibrahim. He is a path to Allah

That is the handiwork of shaitan. Remember, how late Nyas’s images sighted everyway before this claimed miracle images happened. Allah’s prophet (SAW) said shaitan can make image of anyone except him. Shaitan cannot make living to move or speak except Allah alone (the Ever-living, the All-wise). Remember in Hadith, prophet (SAW) said there was a king who was loved by his people died and buried. His people couldn’t control tears because of much love they had for him during his disciplined kingdom. Shaitan forms into human asked people of the late king if they wish he make image of their late king. The people respond shaitan’s request. Then shaitan succeeded making the statue image looked resemblance with late king. People were really amazed seeing the statue. At the end, shaitan deceived people by worshiping and seeking help from it. Now, beware!!!

wawa (fool)sani suleiman must be a donkey-ignorant follower of zionist-wahhabi obnoxious interpretation of islam now replicated as izala/boko haram group who reject karamat of aulia because they could not grasp it due to lack of taqwa. allah sealed their hearts, they could not come closer to him because they dont accord due respect to prophet muhammad and aulia.sheikh usman bin fodiyo in his book ihyaussuna stated that he who rejects karamat of aulia will have suul khatima(bad end)like dying without kalimatu shahada. in practice , doctors have been telling us that all sufis(tijjanis and qadiri)die reciting kalimatu shahada, while izala/boko haram die criying and shouting. sani, beaware of originated from zionism cursed by allah. if you care you can trace the origin of wahhabism to know the danger it poses to iman

Real Veriely Shehu Ibrham Iyass was waliyy The all Entire Group of Islam They will you Agree He Acceptance Knows Shehu was Waliyy Shehu was Reconmeded Nigeria to Reapat It Nation with town in kano and Logos Thos That was to Leave died about for decides to accept Islam in a Nation

We Love Shehu
We Love Dear Shehu
We love Sweart Heart Shehu

الا ان اولياء الله لا خوف عليهم ولا هم يهز نون

Real Veriely Shehu Ibrham Iyass was waliyy The all Entire Group of Islam They will you Agree He Acceptance Knows Shehu was Waliyy Shehu was Reconmeded Nigeria to Reapat It Nation with town in kano and Logos Thos That was to Leave died about for decides to accept Islam in a Nation
We Love Shehu
We Love Dear Shehu
We love Sweart Heart Shehu
الا ان اولياء الله لا خوف عليهم ولا هم يهز نون

Dear Muhammad Lawal, you write : Shirk Nyass indeed: i hope is a typo error. it suppose to be Sheikh Ibrahem Nyass. Thank you.

hi Mr Muslim………If u guyz av natin to say is betta u keep ur mouth shut rather dan sayin tinz dat will provoke pple….

Some people just wish to say any thing dat come to there mine. Let me ask who is ibrahim , he is just a person like we so y praising him instead of Allah ….some people will claimed dat there ar komwlegable were by there ar nt well till we meet on the day of no more tomorow…..

muslims can lie and fake almost everything. Jesus died and resurrected and was SEEN by his FOURTY days before ascending back to heaven for later coming, now islam said sheikh ibrahim appeared almost FOURTY years after he died. Christian celebrate JESUS birth on christmas day(25 december), muslim said they are celebrating mohammed birth or remembrance on 24 december(called eid el maulud), they knew they cannot erase the name of Jesus christ from history and present world so they said let call him Isa and make him a prophet in the quran, so that he will also be in the quran, so that we can deceive many people that he was not the christ but a prophet. Jesus is the christ and messiah of the whole world. Am just here enjoyning my savior Jesus and his goodness and heaven is waiting for me. See what is fake is fake, it cannot be counterfeited again, islam is FAKE. Follower please convert and follow jesus christ and enjoy the real life God offers his children(christian). God EXCEEDINGLY WANTS YOU SAVED IN HEAVEN BUT JESUS IS THE WAY TO GOD. Convert dont bee affraid it is jesus not anyone else.

You’re sick. It’s not Muslims that are lying here. It’s the followers of Tariqa Creed. I am a Muslim and I don’t believe in this shit.

Next time, read between the lines before accusing Muslims of lying.

U r also insane…..We r talkin abt Islam kk…….Not wat u r tinkin

datz wat u de pple of Ezaala normally saty…..SEE oya we dnt av tym for u pple kk……We r talkin abt wandas ALLAH is showin,nd u r der sayin Bid ah…..Hmmm may Allah av mercy on U

Sheehu Ibrahim is dead and gone. No doubt sheehu Ibrahim possessed almost all the knowledge of the world that makes him more special. He loved the Holy PROPHET MUHAMMAD ALAIHIS-SALAM to the fullest, there is no second chance to comeback or appear again. The only person who have been granted the favor to appear in dreams without shaytan not being able to imitate him and appear physical to the Believer as well in his full wakeness is MUHAMMAD alaihis-salam alaihis-salam. Sahih Muslim ( kitab Ruyah) clear confirm these Hadith. Apart from the Rasulullah nobody has been granted this favor. Of course sheehu IBRAHIM NIASSE has been granted other Favors from ALLAH due to his full Sincerity, piousness, and Ever ready to uphold the Sunnah of Rasulullah alahi salaam wa salaam.or It possible that Shaytan can take the image of Sheikh ul Islam in an attempt to test or deceive the lovers of IBRAHIM NIASSE who happen to be faithful servant of the Almighty ALLAH.
when we see such signs let’s seek refuge from Allah and remember our beloved Sheikh in Dua.

Note; Seeing a person in a dream has a probability, it might be the person or not the person to. But for The Rasulullah ( MUHAMMAD alaihis-salam) it is 100% assured that you av seen him no two ways about that..

May Allah guide us all

Mashaa Allahu……………Datz kutubul Gausi Al-Maktum Ibrahimma Nyass…….Allah yaa kaara masa karaama

Allahu Akbar……… Gauzul Zaman…. Sheik Ibrahim Niyaas… May the peace and blessings of Allah continue to be with our noble leader of Islam prophet Muhammad (Saw) and the great saints and scholars in Islam… Amen.

SLM. this is a Total bidah bcos Allah has warn about it in the Holy Qur’an, So sheikh Inyas I did not disagree with walliyism, but Allah did not tell me to follow him. Allah say: Follow me and Follow Rasulullah

Dear Ibrahim Hassan, your names shows that you are a Muslim and i think you are a Muslim. Please correct me if am wrong. It is a serious and unacceptable utterance to call somebody who profess LA ILAHA ILA ALLAHU MUHAMMADU ROSULULLAH a non Muslim. seeking forgiveness from Allah is required if it happen.
Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass is a Muslims, thousands of non Muslims converted to to Islam through him. Sheikh Ibrahim died when doing zikr LA ILAHA ILA ALLAHU ….after his solat. Please if you do not accept or belief in his sainthood,no problem, it is not mandatory. but do not preach against him.

Sheikhs are not Prophets. Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass r.t.a. is not Prophet. Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is the last Prophet. Only Allah know everything. Allah is All Knowing. Sheikh Ibrahim is a waliyyillah, he loves Holy Prophet s.a.w. so much……that is one of the reasons people love Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass…….

Sheikh ibrahim Nyass is my role model I love him so much and love all my Muslim bro & sis all over the world

Shelk Ibrahim niyass(r.t.a)my mentor I will always luv you and am proud to be a Muslim nd tijanniyat Ibrahimyat. NIYASSOOOOOOOOOOO.

no force in the religion of ISLAM . do what you know is wright and live that which is wrong. ALHAJI SHAIKH IBRAHIM is a man, He is not a GOD,so nobody is worshiping HIM. but HE is a man that we are yet to find his type after his death. I LOVE YOU INYASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asslm. Pls i’m a muslim but i need more knowledge from those involved on this chat on how we should show love to prophet muhammad(s.a.w). i dont know what path to take bcos it seems to me that the darika (muslims) though have islamic knowledge but spend more time making prayers to the prophet rather than practicing his sunnah. I know we have been taught to always remember him(the prophet) in our prayers for allah to brighten his grave but they all just go beyond that.

Asalam alykum those of u calling sheikh Ibrahim niyyas prophet, your rely source or your everything and you said you believe in Lailaha inllahu Muhammadu rosulullahi. Did you if know the meaning of the sha’ada you believe in. Don’t call him your God or your prophet or your everything. He’s just a person who believe in God and love the prophet…Stay away from shirik even sheikh niyyas will deny you in the here after

Gaozu Zaman Sheik Ibrahim Inyass was a man of God with indisputable effort towards the growth of islam and the love of Muhammed… He dedicated his whole life to God and Muhammed infact he used the first 32 pages of Tania to praise Muhammed… Let us who believe in him not argue with the unbelievers instead let’s hold steadfast to our faith in him… Forever will I be in the path of TORIKAT. Inyass Forever

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